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Careless car advocate buy two handcart not accident insurance company of insuran
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After buying below two handcart, forget however the of all kinds insurance with accessary car a change the name of owner in a register, the insurance company after causing cause of hair make trouble does not grant to compensate. Yesterday, because carelessness had the car of be unable to speak out about one's grievances advocate Mr Wang regrets for this unceasingly.

Last year, mr Wang buys from inside Mr Liu hand secondhand sedan. Before this, mr Liu has been cast for car in insurance company protected motor-driven car to be sure integratedly, agree amount of insurance of risk of responsibility of a third party is 50 thousand yuan among them, insurance time limit is 1 year. But, after car consign, mr Wang did not deal with formalities of insurance change the name of owner in a register, also do not have those who inform insurance company handles insurance contract to correct procedures.

Before long, mr Wang drives in when going out, be in run down of a passerby the ground carelessly, the other side dies on the spot. Via policeman appraisal, mr Wang pays to this accident complete duty. For this, mr Wang paid total compensation the money to the victim's family member.

After the event, mr Wang recalls predecessor car advocate once had bought a place difficult of access of the 3rd responsibility, and the car still is inside insurance time limit, then to insurance company claim for compensation. "The car that you buy is two handcart, and a place difficult of access of the 3rd responsibility that did not buy its in process of change the name of owner in a register along with all the others change the name of owner in a register, pass a provision according to contract photograph, we need not grant to manage compensate. " the request that insurance company rejected Mr Wang.

But under, mr Wang is forced to request primary vehicle advocate Mr Liu refers lawsuit to the court, requirement insurance company compensates for 40 thousand yuan. But after the court is tried, think, car ownership has been made over, mr Liu was based on the insurance benefit that insurance contract enjoys to also be stopped, because this and traffic accident damages do not have direct interests, do not form qualification of litigant main body, rejected the prosecution of Mr Liu then. Rejected the prosecution of Mr Liu then..