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What two handcart change the name of owner in a register changes a shop sign is
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But look from another respect, of this policy carry out may bring simple change to two handcart market. It is above all besides transfer normally, a lot of people won't sell his car easily again, this one phenomenon will bring about acute of two handcart car source to decrease, two handcart trade the capacity also can appear of certain level glide; Because license plate is restricted,be next, chamber of commerce of distribute of a few new cars puts main view on business of new old displacement, make the trend with two handcart perpetual market mature, two handcart will greet the brand to expand a scope unprecedentedly; Having again is a few two handcart manage entity general to put main experience on displacement business, business of new car old car begins comprehensive confluence, perfect thereby current and truckload sale catenary.

A variety of evidence make clear, current two handcart market has lain in great change, two handcart business must face the risk that exists possibly correctly.

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