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What two handcart change the name of owner in a register changes a shop sign is
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"Two handcart change the name of owner in a register should change license plate. " last week is two handcart trade implement 102 order a week, a lot of customer that handle two handcart change the name of owner in a register discover, two handcart change the name of owner in a register is closer than was being lengthened at ordinary times a hour. According to this regulation, two handcart change the name of owner in a register will want to go up afresh henceforth card, original license plate or withhold or be cancelled, the license plate of reservation must be hanged in in less than of half an year buy new car newly to go up. This action means the management that Beijing steam plate will take henceforth to will be with the person this, it is a pure car no longer lifelong a license plate, this is license plate management will lay a foundation henceforth.

Carry out in this act during, car of Beijing of concerned next year will undertake " gross is controlled " hearsay spread fast, it seems that regulation of current license plate government is be next year " gross is controlled " found. The personage inside industry of a few two handcart is afraid, if " gross is controlled " the concept involves two handcart trade, two handcart markets of that Beijing will produce great change. Think generally, if amount of next year license plate is restricted certainly, will stimulate two handcart city greatly, a few customer that cannot win license plate can get lost buy two handcart, bring about two handcart to trade to go hot continuously. Suffer this effect, the price of two handcart also is met when the river rises the boat goes up too, two handcart gross also can produce tremendous change.

To at present a lot of consumer begin to use two handcart to trade change the name of owner in a register obtains license plate secondhand this one circumstance, 102 had had specific provision, in oneself a license plate that under one's name uses dissatisfaction 3 years, still cannot continue to withhold, in will be cancelled when change the name of owner in a register the next time. That is to say, obtain license plate in order to buy two handcart way this one way had set a threshold. Additional, the means that sails in order to stop to a lot of consumer retains the way of license plate, relevant section has stopped to deal with car to stop sail regulation, license plate is obtained in so that stop a few people,stopping sailed means to trade from two handcart through dealing with. A variety of evidence make clear, be about to carry out next year " car gross is controlled " had been at the beginning of two handcart industry dew clue.

Whether be to two handcart license plate limitation? A few professional personages expressed his view. From " gross is controlled " in light of the concept, the new policy that implements possibly is be measured with maintaining Beijing car to retain or make dosage is in a certain quantity of the tenet is inside limits, and two handcart trade belong to reoccupy car to deal with, trade itself won't make an impact to total amount, because this policy that is about to implement comes strictly,tell won't do too much restriction to the card on two handcart.
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