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Two handcart change the name of owner in a register of Beijing can reserve origi
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On October 9, city hands in tubal bureau car to was in charge of place to announce 16 cars canal to serve new move. Rise today, when two handcart change the name of owner in a register primary vehicle advocate can reserve original order brand.

In addition, when the car sponsors formalities of manage car Wu, hold id card can, need not take registered permanent residence again this; From the citizen of number card, cannot get date card that day, but can get travel card.

City hands in tubal bureau car to be in charge of place politics appoint Liu Zheng is special warn a citizen, the application form of formalities of conduction car Wu, all readjust style. New appearance table can log onto website of the bureau that make a valve to download (Www.bjjtgl.gov.cn) .

- about name brand

Two handcart change the name of owner in a register can take original order

1. Carry out weave car number name is piled up independently. Be in existing " 10 anthology one " on the foundation of the means that pick name, everybody of the motor vehicle when allowing the card on minicar new car weaves by encode regulation number name piles up choice motor vehicle by oneself.

2. Expand to enable the limits of name brand number afresh. Discard as useless by past motor vehicle rear can enable number name to pile up afresh, expand move is registered and other the motor vehicle that cancel, satisfy the requirement of number of brand of original order of masses continue to employ further.

3. Two handcart change the name of owner in a register can reserve original order brand. Be aimed at primary vehicle advocate the desire that wants to retain number of brand of primary vehicle name after car transfer ownership, the branch that make a valve registered move business to undertake adjustment. Car is after move of change the name of owner in a register, must change new name brand number, satisfied masses to counterpoise to the reservation of brand of original car name. But primary vehicle advocate new car must be bought inside 6 months, and use 3 years of above. In addition, after two handcart change the name of owner in a register, new plate must be used on " 10 anthology one " method.

4. Expanded temporarily of travel number plate extend limits. To what did not sell, have not register register, because scientific research and type test, car is restricted to be worth,exceed the motor vehicle such as national level to need to go up temporarily of transport travelling, can handle proper time temporarily travel number plate.

- about changing one's costume or dress

Automobile body becomes angry need not apply for

5. Automobile body changes color to need not apply for beforehand. Like the car advocate color of need change automobile body, change of automobile body or frame, motor vehicle everybody need not provide an application to the car beforehand again, can be after change 10 a conduction change is in charge of to register to the car directly in day, hand in tubal branch to will be pressed otherwise relevant punish undertake condemnatory.
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