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The change the name of owner in a register that two handcart trade expends maneu
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Other charge: Evaluate car to expend 180 yuan, check fare 80 yuan, make a bank note 150 yuan.

The place on put together is narrated, one evaluates the price to be 60 thousand yuan two handcart, total cost of change the name of owner in a register needs 910 yuan about, assess value the cost of change the name of owner in a register with tall corresponding car is high also, but the account that some two handcart manage a company not to know specific cost according to most person, blurt out quote, so everybody wants know fairly well, had talked to do sth for sb to how much cost, other charge occupies true settle accounts!

Carrying good to two handcart is the first pace only, those who need special attention is, two handcart occurrence problem is most often is car transfer ownership after trading. Wait to maintain a road is expended and purchasing surtax, insurance, car advocate should deal with modificatory formalities in time, can avoid sequel to use medium labor so.

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