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Two handcart buying and selling should deal with guarantee slip in time to chang
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Morning paper dispatch (reporter Wu Xin) the citizen that buys two handcart should notice, if you dealt with change the name of owner in a register and did not tell insurance company however, so accident of car happening traffic can oneself " buy sheet " , and cannot get manage compensate. Yesterday, court of the city zone heard a such cases east. Because did not tell insurance company when car transfer ownership, conduction insurance changes procedures, show a car to advocate peace the appeal that primary vehicle basically tries compensate of insurance company manage is rejected by the court.

On December 4, 2006, mr Xu buys a this Tian Yage car from Mr Wang place with 225 thousand yuan price. After both sides did motor vehicle to change the procedures that register that day, two people leave hurriedly because of having urgent thing, all did not show matters concerned of car transfer ownership to insurance company.

On December 6, mr Xu drives channel is dropped when going out in, car attaint, long car cost more than yuan 50 thousand. But when him to insurance company claim for compensation when, insurance company did not signal resell case with Mr Wang however for rejecting claims. But under, mr Xu and king gentleman combine China branch of insurance Inc. Beijing tell a court together.

Insurance company rejoins express, according to clauses the 25th regulation, inside insurance contract period of efficacy, if will be sure car resell, insurant should written announcement insurance company deals with modificatory formalities, otherwise insurance company has authority rejecting claims; At the same time " insurance law " also set, the cession of insurance mark should inform an underwriter, classics underwriter agrees to continue contract of the change after accept insurance. Accordingly, insurance company does not assume liability to pay compensation.

After the court is tried, think, show a car advocate the obligee that Mr Xu is not comfortable case, have no right to ask insurance company is compensated for. To primary vehicle advocate the prosecution of Mr Wang, the court is maintained, policy-holder should inform insurance company beforehand before car transfer ownership, be sure otherwise the contract is stopped all right namely from car ownership is transferred. Accordingly, the court is rejected show a car to advocate peace primary vehicle advocate litigant request.

After the court decision, the judge hopes to pass the person that media reminds the buying and selling of two handcart, should deal with insurance to approve sheet immediately when car transfer ownership, in order to avoid needless loss.