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What two handcart do not grant to deal with change the name of owner in a regist
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1. applies for a car advocate seal and the primary vehicle that register advocate seal not of conform to.

2. Change his costume or dress without approving do sth without authorization, of number of the remodel and quality of modificatory carry cargo, member that multiply.

3. Violate the rules and regulations, cause trouble did not handle end a case or public security mechanism has doubt to car.

4. Achieve discard as useless of fixed number of year (discard as useless to already was being achieved use fixed number of year, but car technical condition is better, use property is the car of for private use, classics is special after certificate of proof, in achieve discard as useless after use fixed number of year inside two years, allow applies change the name of owner in a register to register, but forbid to turn book) .

5. Did not attend regular inspection or examine unqualified.

6. New car enters an inadequacy of 3 months (entrance car the first time after registering, resent two years, but the except) that the court adjudicates.

7. People court announcement is frozen or guaranty period is not full.

8. Belong to accuse to buy car to not have " declare license plate to prove a rule " .

9. Entrance car belongs to custom to superintend period inside, did not remove those who superintend.