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Used car insurance uphold three principles to be
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Currently, the insurance market, used car insurance insurance for more, another dazzling consumers. In fact, just based on the value of used cars, personal economic conditions and driving skills, etc., adhere to the following three principles to determine insurance coverage. First, the voluntary principle. Used car insurance consumer, in addition to the state to be insured to pay compulsory insurance, the insurance should be a voluntary choice of the insured. For example, higher-value vehicles to be insured scratches prospective new car insurance, the lower the value of used cars is not necessary insurance cover scratches; vehicles should be covered with new equipment to new equipment damage insurance, or do not have insurance this insurance. Second, the principle of primary and secondary are different. Used car insurance consumer should be fully examine the actual situation of the vehicle and individual economic conditions, should be the basic insurance and additional insurance separately, to distinguish between primary and secondary, a reasonable choice. If the owner is an experienced driver, you can just select the vehicle damage insurance, third party liability insurance and special insurance is not deductible, and several other major insurance, do not cover other types of insurance. In addition, consumers with a reasonable insurance coverage when needed. For example, consumers risk insurance after the loss of the vehicle, but also to choose glass, according to the actual individual risk of breakage or loss of spontaneous combustion risk in order to play the main risks and additional risks with each other, complementary role. Third, the principle of full insurance. Used car insurance consumer, you need to distinguish between the insured value, the insured amount and the relationship between the amount of compensation, some full insurance, so that in case of accident to get their due compensation, which will cause undue loss. Sunshine Insurance experts also advise Chongqing Branch, vehicle resale, transfer, gift to others, change the use or increase the degree of risk, the insured shall notify the insurance company, or insurance company the right to refuse compensation; if the new owners and insurance companies are not establish a relationship between the insurance contract, in the event of traffic accidents, the new owner can only own responsibility. Therefore, to purchase second-hand car, the new owner change procedures should be in time for auto insurance, auto insurance if the original owner is not insured, insuring the new owner should be timely, so as not to encounter "Insurance vacuum."