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Second-hand car market auto market continues to heat up the Asian Games "Le Ya
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November onwards, the formal implementation of the PRD line odd-even rule the Asian Games, Asian Games, although some of the effects car markets, but the used car market and car rental market has therefore become more active. From late August, continued to second-hand car market began to pick up, in September last year, trading volume has been restored to a considerable level. In the rental market, many car rental companies during the Asian Games, said the order has already been filled, although some large car rental companies to emergency dispatching a short spike, but it is difficult to alleviate the "Qiuzu difficult" pressure. Used-car market: turnover continues to heat up Reporter learned from the used-car market in Guangzhou, with the booming new car market, used car market turnover late in August from rising rapidly. Manager Zhou Guang Chun introduces used-car market, the market since 8,9 months, traffic, trading volume increased significantly, second-hand car market in the Asian Games closing conditions have little effect, and even some people still travel for the convenience of the Asian Games , advanced to second-hand car market used car purchase. Kwong Chun used car trade statistics for nearly two months, after a second-hand car market registered a turnover as high as 1500, has been significantly warmer than before, has reached a considerable level of last year. Manager Zhou also introduced, although the purchase of used car consumer group does not exclude the part of the Asian Games because of the inconvenience caused by the limit line, select a new vehicle purchase. But that does not occupy the mainstream of second-hand car trading volume, but before and after the Asian Games brought strong consumer demand and stimulate the used car market continued to rebound. In addition, some brokers are also great used car buy used cars as a short term rent. Tianyu old motor vehicle market in the Pan is a typical second-hand car "speculators", the hands of the more tourists, Pan aware of many units and the private owners of the vehicle during the rental demand in the Asian Games will be increased. Starting from August, to proceed with the acquisition of Pan micro side, there are the seventy-eight stock cars have been rented to go. According to reports, these vehicles are cheap, and in second-hand car market is not price fluctuations, the purchase of these vehicles is relatively small risk. In addition, these cars cheap rent, widely used, often in the individual rental market to become "hot demand." Pan in accordance with the present short-term and long-term for rental, a fixed monthly income is more than 2 million. "Limit line of the Asian Games, led to increased demand for car rental, car rental companies usually offer more formal for the new car, the rent to be outrageous, so many private owners to directly find the used car market." Mr. Ban said. In fact, the rental service like this is not only appeared during the Asian Games, second-hand car industry, the peak of the end of each car used cars often appear on behalf of the phenomenon of rent. If you carefully compare will find that used car rental prices than the regular rental company cheap at least half. For example, the current Shenzhou cheapest rental car prices 98 per Elysee daily rental, plus insurance and other expenses, the cost per day is also the lowest 200 yuan, and the rent will rise during the Asian Games are usually 50% -100% eventual rental of vehicles up to three or four hundred dollars a day. The price in the used car market has been for 15 million yuan to rent a high-class cars, such as Regal, Passat and so on. The long-term lease customers, the rent savings will be more. For example, the monthly rent of 9,000 yuan in the Accord, in the used car market, less than 5,000 yuan can rent. But unlike 10 million below the low-end micro-surface, tying up capital in many high-class cars is not only larger but also bear the rental car market during the sudden drop in risk. Therefore, many used car brokers have adopted "two legs" to walk, there is a market demand to sell quickly, when there is no market demand for short rent. Asian limit line so many units, the company car inconvenience, which naturally promote the prosperity of the car rental market. Reporter visited the car rental market in Guangzhou learned during the Asian Games rental business is extremely strong, as early as during the Asian Games a few months ago a car rental in order to have been filled, many leasing companies are now longer accepted in November, December rental orders. Reporter learned from the Avis Southern Region, based on past services the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo experience, Avis has been added this year for the Asian Games 200 short rental vehicles, is also been booked, but customers still demand an endless stream. Currently, the company also apply to the headquarters of the emergency transfer of 50-100 Short-rental vehicles to meet customer needs. According to Avis South section of the general introduction, compared to same period last year, Avis rental business has a short average increase of 25% in November and December of the year on year increase of as much as 150%. It is reported that, in addition to the Asian Games in 2011 will usher in the Shenzhen Universiade lease peak. In addition, the total segment also believe that the cause during the Asian Games, "Qiuzu difficult" because the important limit line of the Asian Games. "Limit line of vehicles to energy conservation, improve urban air quality, is easy to be understood and supported. But will have a taxi and rental car operators are qualified to treat the practice is unreasonable. The one hand, the company can not for a few scattered passenger vehicles to apply for more support, other companies also have to consider the occupancy rate of existing vehicles. "It is reported that the car rental industry, government departments, the management method is applied to the management of the taxi ways, but During the limit line, taxi no limit line, and rental vehicles will need to limit line, which is the regular car rental companies will adversely affect the business, greatly reducing its rental car rental rates, but also lead to the rental market prices soared.