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Affected sales of second-hand automobile market down under pressure from
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September 1 onwards, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan and other cities in 9 countries take the lead in implementation of the IV vehicle emission standards, although the new car market has not caused too much pressure, but the used car market has been the impact of certain . According to regulations, the implementation of the country in Guangzhou and other cities IV emission standards, the future of second-hand from the field into the car, they do not meet the national Ⅳ standard, not for the licensing business. And other factors affected by the New Deal, a business brokerage firm recently used by "blow" for several months up slightly last year. Used cars less than the country of more than Liucheng Ⅳ Recently, Chow put their 1992 car to buy a 1.5L Ingle to turn a week on the secondary market, the heart completely cold - Zheliang then spent over 70,000 yuan to buy the car, now a car dealer is only willing the acquisition of seven or eight thousand dollars. Reason is not only because the car is too old, but also because the car emission standards with state standards .9 III nor the New Deal on a 1 emissions, car makers switch to other Pearl River Delta region that is difficult to sell, buy only for scrap metal . In fact, the Guangzhou market, which failed emission standards for emission vehicles are common. "Guangzhou is mainly a number of years on the market longer, such as 1993, imports of 1994 Honda models like the crown does not meet the national III standard." Guang Jun, general manager of second-hand car market Chao Chi Tung said that these cars because year long, the vehicle condition is also hidden, so very few local people to buy in Guangzhou, in the past mostly sold to the field. Moreover, Chi Chao Tung told reporters that second-hand car market in Guangzhou most of the vehicles did not meet the national IV standard, part of the III does not meet the state standards. "Preliminary estimates, more than 60% of the market does not meet the national IV standard car, part of the main low proportion of second-hand car market will be higher." Kwong Chun from reporters, Baoli Jie and other used-car market that currently in second-hand automobile market, the vast majority of the country III models. Transfer standard used car is not bound IV emissions after the implementation of the country, with dealers simply in all countries before the end of the world III models on the card, and then after September 1 as a second-hand cars to sell. "This car than the cost of transferring to other parts of the bargain." Deputy general manager of used-car market, Polly Jie Qin Xiaohong told reporters, "Now the law of second-hand car sales is' quasi-new cars into the city, classic cars (ie, long year older second-hand car) to the countryside '. "With the increasingly competitive market, Guangzhou, the local second-hand brokerage firms and consumers are more inclined to purchase the new year, new car prices high standards, as for some years longer second-hand vehicles, are is sold to other countries yet to implement Ⅳ standard areas. But the National IV standard, after the full implementation of the Pearl River Delta region, to some extent limited the Pearl River Delta region's supply of new and used vehicles flow and circulation is not the scope of standard models greatly restricted. Most used car dealers feeling the impact of the new policy to the market. Qin Xiaohong that the new vehicle market, increasingly stringent emission requirements, second-hand car market will keep up the pace soon, he believes: "National III emission standards are not standards of second-hand vehicles may soon be asked to transfer to be bound." Hold Qin Xiaohong forward to working with the same idea a few used car car dealer, the recent acquisition of the vehicle has also been critical of the choice. "Some model years longer, consumers to buy those cars, the safety factor is very low, the proposed Mo be cheap to buy, or not easily changed hands in the future." New decree market "worse" "August is very light overall trading volume, up slightly last year fell 2% to 4%. September the situation will not be good." Qin Xiaohong said: New Deal, after the flooding car event, the recent heavy rain and typhoon continuously, with new vehicle market prices especially hard this year, a series of non-good news, resulting in sales of used-car market this year, the situation is not optimistic. "In the past the turnover of a used car in about a month, now have up to two to three months." Qin Xiaohong said the recent market lighter, the purchase price also decreased, with second-hand car dealers to simply time low in May and June purchase price of the vehicle, "liquidate" clean-up. "Just to like a guaranteed price, Yaku second-hand car dealer cash flow for too long is also a problem, then they are now, after clearance of the stock market continue to acquire new car source." Nest Chi Chun Guang Dong said it best on the market The car is difficult to acquire high-class, high-end models. Less than second-hand car dealer near National IV standards for vehicles, in particular none of the country III emission standards compliance models, the purchase price were decreased, while the last one to two years in line with national IV standard listing prospective new car purchase price is relatively high. If a new Camry models, the purchase price of 2,000 yuan per cent more than in May and June or so.