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Second-hand automobile market chaos used-car market should be standardized in J
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Oct. 28, reporters at the Nanchang Jiangxi Jiangxi B offshore area used car market saw a group of people just entering the market will be an old Santana cars surrounded the vehicle to the scene immediately, "valuation": "thousand" "Thousand", "four thousand five hundred that I took," ... .... The next day the east coast of Honduras in Nanchang Gan river road, the reporter saw: some people squatting side of the road, beside them the "revenue car, selling cars," or "high income car, free assessment" of the brand , In situ acquisition of second-hand cars. Head of the provincial capital, told reporters in a car market: now the province and other places used-car market in Nanchang really confused. In addition to a large second-hand car market, a number of car brands 4S stores also carry out second-hand car trading business. In Nanchang City, there are many "second-hand car company" in the used car business quietly, kind of "company" had several hundred. Most of the private second-hand vehicles, they are actually anchored in the kind of "second-hand car company" circulation. Between second-hand car company "to help battle" October 30 in Nanchang, a "second-hand car company", see the press seems intent car, this "second-hand car company" took the initiative to the business staff will recommend a "style." Displacement in the vehicle, the use of Limit, mileage, etc. a lot of introduction, the sales staff also said that this "style" used to be a private car, it is now Yichun license, Nanchang, free from the tail number in the subject line, and good quality. But when asked if To ensure the quality of the specific car, the sales staff said, second-hand car market can not provide such a guarantee. Through visits found that the operators said they used cars as a "company" is not accurate, since these "companies" are not the business license issued by the business sector, or the qualification certificate issued by relevant departments. Under normal circumstances , Buyers own test, the vehicle condition can be satisfied with procedures for transfer. After the transfer problem, just like the so-called "second-hand car company" did not matter. If the bidding is still a force down the price and market behavior, then, From these "second-hand car company" to purchase vehicles, to hand out to sell this time, the vehicle is to be landscaping, refurbishment? The key components are to be replaced? It is still unknown. According to industry sources, this type of "second-hand car company" to run the market is not unified, but through the sale of used cars, "company" from the hands of car dealers buy used cars, and then people make the difference down to the car. As the private and Compared to second-hand car companies, from professional knowledge to assess the skills are at a disadvantage, so buy, sell two transaction process and keep the prices down by over-bidding to become the inevitable. Some companies are "to help battle" That is a selling cars, the other family who will take the initiative to the industry or consumers to bear a similar status to "prop up" the role of applause for the sale of vehicles, things are a certain percentage after a charge in accordance with "to help battle fee." Lack of supervision used car evaluation With domestic and foreign second-hand car market is relatively mature compared to second-hand car market in Jiangxi Province is still in its infancy. Since the development of our province short time used-car market, industry regulations, industry standards is not perfect. Some consumer Who buy a car, will take the initiative with "second-hand car company" proposes to send the vehicles to used car evaluation company, to hire state certified teachers of vocational assessment report issued by the vehicle. However, some consumers do not know there are two independent Used Car Appraiser such a career, coupled with the transfer of used vehicles at this stage is not mandatory when the relevant departments to produce assessment reports used car, most consumers in order to save time and money, or choose a direct transfer. Reporter in Nanchang Interviewed a second-hand car market was informed that some consumers on the used car appraiser integrity and technology literacy is not assured that the car might as well find a friend to see to understand. Insiders pointed out that a long time, the province did not have a comprehensive used car trade, rigorous, scientific identification of evaluation criteria used car, used car appraiser identified mainly through the expertise and experience in the assessment Assessment of the target vehicle, resulting in a widespread re-assessment of light identification, assessment arbitrary and unscientific methods, the evaluation process more objective factors and subjective evaluation results deviate from the actual value of the vehicle and other issues. At the same time, second-hand car market is still serious information asymmetry, citizens credit system has not been established, vehicle maintenance records, accident records and other information is not public and so on, so consumers through independent third Party authority in accordance with the identification of assessment criteria used car, get real technical condition of vehicles, it is particularly important and urgent. Jiangxi Province, said Liu used car appraiser, appraiser used car is a very necessary job of accumulated experience. To become a good used car appraiser, 20 years of model development should cover the full knowledge of the past Five years more to have detailed knowledge of models and various models of the mechanical principle for the collision, the accident should be a considerable degree of awareness, but also with the loss of accounting machines, the price formula and according to the market line The ability to balance the situation. Assessment of the development of second-hand car industry, the direction of a third party must be an independent body, want the province to regulate the introduction of relevant laws and regulations. From the industry itself, employees should raise the self-discipline means Knowledge, industry associations should play an active role in coordinating social control by government authorities.