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Transfer of second-hand car trading just one hour the first time in Shenyang sta
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Yesterday 10, from Shenyang Municipal Government China Automobile Dealers Association co-sponsored the Third China (Northeast) used car trade fair in Shenyang (Campbell Taiwan) opened second-hand car market. The fair will last for five days. And the previous second-hand car trade fair is different, the Expo for the first time launched a used car "instant film" activities, to ensure transfer of second-hand car trading one hour to complete.

Increase this year, double the second-hand car trading

The current used car trade used car trade fair set display area, new car trade display area, display area luxury car trade, car parts and accessories trade show area and multi-functional comprehensive service area five display areas, and more than 800 exhibitors provide more than 3,000 used car. It is understood that the Fair Expo over the last 437 used cars of more than 1,200 exhibitors used car doubled. Hundreds of families for more cars and shall complete the "car to the countryside" model showcase.

Procedures for the whole run for one hour

"One-stop, one-hour" service is the exposition of a new initiative, the service center to reporters Zhang Man: "In the last two second-hand car trade fair, if you bought a used car, apply for transfer, etc. relevant procedures of the time at least two hours, when many people need more than 3 hours, but now you are making second-hand cars is only one hour transfer time of the transaction can be done all such procedures. "

In addition, the convenient services also available. For example, the "double A" Services can not only handle the transfer of second-hand car trading, car registration, annual vehicle security (green gas), and other business are also included. "Double A" convenience services as a "Campbell brand new model" fixed, the formation of long-term service mechanism.

Shenyang first start "immediately shot"

The second-hand car trade fair is a highlight on the first start of Shenyang "instant film" activities, "instant film" not only in the trading market can be achieved through the network, which means that used car consumers Chen Cheng used car transactions through the network. This reporter has learned, real-time auctions directly in the lounge when the seller can see the auctions process, hundreds of market traders bid on the vehicle at the same time, immediately after the payment transaction. The entire transaction, payment, transfer process is generally not more than 1 hour.

To participate in the activities of Mr. Liu, who is to be a car auction to buy the Accord in 2005, the market price of 11.2 million. Through agreed, the auction starting price set at 11.4 million, by some auction, the final price captured 12.2 million, to his own psychological level. This result, Liu said he was satisfied. The exhibition, the "real shot" mode of operation will also be used as a second hand car market in Campbell implementation and stick to it.

Moves to prevent "high-priced fishing"

Second-hand car market, according to the staff of the past, the Central Standing Committee of second-hand car trading business who the illegal acquisition of used cars by improper means, "high-priced fish" is one of the illegal business personnel to hook to lure consumers with high purchase through Polishing foam to bargain, sell cars to consumers spider; Some illegal operators to create chaos to muddy the waters, which generally means a group of several people to look at cars to see procedures in the name of the car to contain the consumer, there are The procedure to get the car, and some consumer items to take, rather than struggle to force them to sell them the car; Once the illegal operation of the first two methods use by minors, they will "fierce look absolutely shattered" by various means the threat of carrot and stick, forcing consumers into submission.

The exhibition in the "real-time auctions" activities, effectively preventing the illegal operation when personnel drive up the price of used cars in the acquisition of the phenomenon, and to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.