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Campbell sets of Shenyang on Saturday to see second-hand car trade fair
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"Instant film", Credit Union, skills competition for an hour one-stop service ---

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Saturday, the third China (Northeast) second-hand car trade fair, will be second-hand car market in Shenyang (Campbell Taiwan) held a grand.

The fair by Shenyang Municipal People's Government, the China Automobile Dealers Association, the services committee of Shenyang, Shenyang Automobile Dealers Association, Sujiatun District People's Government, Shenyang second-hand car market (Campbell Taiwan) contractors


It is learned that the fair will have a used car "instant film," "hundreds of Credit Union", Shenyang City Services Employees Skills Contest, "an hour one-stop convenience service" activities in four main themes.

Among them, the "real shot" is the highlight of the exposition. So that "hundreds of Credit Union" play a fair and impartial assessment of the role of the market price to the owner than selling cars, so that car occupants satisfied with the collection is the purpose of this activity.

Meanwhile, second-hand car Fair, there will be more than a thousand models of quality affordable used cars, waiting for consumers to purchase.