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Shenyang automobile market or into the "era of post-blowout"
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Tides change

Recently, a 4S store sales advisor told reporters reflect customers in the car, the "family transfer" More and more, they are mostly in the age of 30 years to 40 years old, most of them as the cause of stability or just be switching in


Subaru in the wing shop in Shenyang, in the wing, told reporters Wang Xiaohui, director of marketing, Subaru's new car customers in more than 50% of the owners are the second car.

More and more car owners to join, "transfer" army, and was followed by tidal change. So, whether automobile market will enter a "post-blowout era"?

Car replacement to promote the transfer wave

Change for many car owners, is a new experience, both of which are also driving the new experience a new life experience, however, opened a long time, like the old car will be like tasteless, "food" tasteless and abandon


Now, more and more car manufacturers to promote the car replacement car sales business into a great magic weapon. Replacement business for the introduction of significant change to meet the consumer demand for cars, a surge of tidal change is


Owner Mr. Chen said: "I just passed the 4S shop car replacement business bought a new car, this is simple, fast, for my action to save a lot of trouble to change things."

Guangzhou Honda Automobile great store operations staff responsible for car replacement Qiu Yan told reporters that change through the car replacement business to many consumers, the store in August accounted for the overall new car through the car replacement

About 10% of car sales, transfer the original owners of old cars are generally in 2003 and 2006 to buy. These were replaced in the "old car" in, the premium brand of vehicles less, more low-end models.

SUV, senior car Chengxin Chong

Car for the first time consumers, price is important, but consumers need to change, the pursuit of individuality, to find a new driving experience even more critical. Thus, SUV, high-class cars have become the "family transfer

"The primary objective.

Ms. Shao owner, said: "I had an A-level open car, then buy a car when a new map, would like to practice your hand, and now years later, I am also going to change the amount of new car, choose a their favorite model open open

The. SUV is a good choice, although the car for a long time to mention, but I will be patient. "

Liaoning, Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Sales Service Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager Li Zhongxi told reporters that the owners are generally more rational transfer, after the first car has a better understanding of the use of cars, so the quality of the car require more

High preservation rate, brand reputation and so are the owners of the second car key considerations, such as the German cars are more popular by the need to change the consumers, the Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan is attracting a lot " Transfer family "


Meanwhile, the reporter visited a number of car dealers learned that, in addition to this popular SUV has been unusual "family transfer" of the pursuit, the high-class car is a lot of choice of consumers to change.

Upgrade to transfer the normal consumption

In 2002, China's automobile market ushered in a "blowout", when car sales increased by nearly 40%. By 2010, the owner of their car is "an afterthought", change the appearance of tide just fine.

"The gradual rise of tidal change is mainly to improve the living standards for consumers and their requirements of quality of life has improved. Consumers are changing consumer attitudes, even if part of the consumers in the transfer of

Time to select the form of loans, but also to their favorite new car home. "Changan Ford Sales & Service Co., Ltd. Liaoning Golden Age Ante sales manager Li Zhiqiang think.

Automotive industry experts to the Han Song said: "China's automobile market experienced a blowout in 2002, after the arrival of normal tidal change, consumers change that the Chinese automobile market is moving towards maturity. In general, choose change

Consumers than the first car when the more rational, more understand cars, more concerned about the internal car thing, they are more cars pursuit of quality and driving pleasure, and their consumption of mind is always changing, and consumer upgrades so that they

With more demands on the car. "

Another industry analysis, the rigidity of the Chinese consumer demand for first-time buyers has not been fully released. So, if coupled with the stimulus tide change, will for the automobile market in the near future to bring another "blowout"

Or enter the "era of post-blowout"? Results are expected.