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Car of class A of second line market sells most fire
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Car of class A of second line market sells most fireAccording to estimation, differ with the market of a gleam of such as Beijing, second line market still is given priority to with taking an amount. Gu Xinguang tells a reporter, at present the city of a gleam of such as Beijing already formed demonstrative action of some kind of consumption, consumer buys a car to trust a brand, and the chief factor that considers when value of second line market remains consumer to buy a car. "Although the wide gap of car product price of consumption of second line market is very big, to a person of extraordinary powers the car issues miniature car to have consumptive group on, but, class A car, small-sized car remains the mainstream model that second line city consumes, " accordingly, the car sales volume of second line city will still increase steadily, the potential that can dig is tremendous. Delay to villages and towns below market antennaThe personage inside many course of study predicts, joint-stock brand will develop 23 lines town further, and own brand depends on price advantage, will issue antenna further delay, develop more the market of villages and towns of length and breadth of land. As we have learned, if manufacturer of a few cars is auspicious had been in the 23 lines of and other places of northwest, Shandong, Hunan are smaller even the ground city county of one class builds extent content to flow deserve to send a center, develop new consumptive market further. Perfect network of sale, service ceaselessly in 23 lines market as car manufacturer, the expert predicts, 5, what the 23 lines market after 6 years is faced with is now the circumstance of market of a gleam of. In order to need dissimilation sale get victoryTo how be being developed new spending market, the personage inside course of study expresses to answer adjust measures to local conditions, idea of habit of the demand that differs according to each district, consumption, humanitarian environment, consumption, implement different strategy. Rain of Yao of chief inspector of Chang'an Ford public relations expresses, different city has different consumptive characteristic and mentality, making sale of very poor dissimilation is the obligatory course of car manufacturer. "For instance Chengdu person is not standing fact, car to them, regard ride instead of walk as the tool mostly, so the car of Chengdu, compact model of the car retain the amount is very large. " easy car group is senior Wu Yingqiu of chairman of committee of vice-president, media also thinks, the demand of 23 class market is huge, but the manufacturer requires suit the remedy to the case, "For instance industry of automobile of a few places grows opposite lag, still give priority to with a large amount of type sales, consumer buys a car also is goods compares 3, so car manufacturer should pay attention to the sale that shapes brand 4S inn, establish canorous public praise, open channel thereby. Open channel thereby..
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