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After moving duty, big platoon measures two handcart to rise in price to will co
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Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, to the end of this month, two handcart market can be entered " beg for be more than " situation, the price still has drop likelihood, but big value that estimates accurate new car can continue to move.

Nevertheless, the person that sees a car buy a car is not little still. Flower 650 thousand bought a Yingfeinidi Mr Liu of FX35 car says, he wants to buy this car before New Year partly, that time value still is less than 600 thousand. "After the information that moved on consumption tax July is passed, car price had risen 60 much, skill hesitates, can spend only now 650 thousand redemptive this car. " Mr Liu says, coach compared with present new car valence, still be be to one's profit.

Yesterday, reporter in beautiful country two handcart market understands, the general of two handcart price that at present platoon of the 3 above inside the market measures went up several yuan.

With 8 crocks of Lu Hu discovery is exemple, directive price from before 898 thousand on move to 1.05 million, the price of two handcart also rose 930 thousand the left and right sides, than before the price of a new car is returned expensive. Same, the BMW X5 of new fund, Lu Hu is pulled get the better of wait for several yuan to discharged capacity vehicle to also go up greatly.

Reporter from inferior two handcart market knows two handcart markets of city, beautiful native place, the sales volume of the old car that discharge an amount relatively before paragraph time is not apparent and bullish. Inferior minister of fine of Zhang Yu of two handcart ministry tells city the reporter, after consumption tax is adjusted, the directive price of the major old car that discharge an amount has not come on stage, did not consult according to. Accordingly, did not appear sales volume " blowout " .

As we have learned, the very much person that buy a car is being grabbed now buy the old car that discharge an amount, had feared short time still can rise in price namely. And car dealer also hold back is worn strong carry price, the hope can sell a high price. Current, big volume with short kilometer of car condition good travel allows new car, the price often consults price of new car guidance, only cheap tens of thousands of yuan.

   The analysis inside course of study

After moving duty, new car price still can go high

The Mr Li analysis of company of broker of some two handcart says, after the new car after moving duty comes down, big value that estimates two handcart still can continue tall.

Bud of king of chief inspector of two handcart market tells beautiful country the reporter, as lift a ban of only even numbers, predict the bottom will have many Che Yuanchong to enter the market at the beginning of October in September, the price stopping a car of two handcart and sale price may in pairs goes low.

After the Olympic Games ends, nonlocal passenger source may swarm into Beijing to buy a car in great quantities, at the appointed time, two handcart market will greet busy season of a sale.
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