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Demonstrative text of contract of two handcart business comes on stage
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Demonstrative text is in defend consumer legitimate rights and interests while the legitimate rights and interests that also ensured two handcart to serve trader

For farther normative our city two handcart trade order, the health that promotes two handcart circulation market develops, survey of development of course of industrial and commercial bureau mixes city to seek each opinion extensively, release formally yesterday " two handcart business contracts of Shenzhen city set an example text " (abbreviation " business contract demonstrative text " ) , " two handcart business of Shenzhen town are between two parties service contract shows model essay.

As we have learned, two contracts demonstrative text strengthened the weight that information shows, compulsory to each right provision is more clear and balanced, more facilitating operation, many clauses guide use law clause continuously. On the press conference that holds yesterday, industry public figure thinks generally, hopeful of two demonstrative text reduces two handcart of our city to trade from certain level the contradictory dispute that exists in the process, effective avoid trades each square risk.

New issuance two handcart " business contract demonstrative text " the clause is mixed 10 times a service instruction; " demonstrative text of contract of between two parties service " the clause is mixed 8 times a service instruction, it is reported, latter belongs to initiate in home. Contract of city industrial and commercial bureau grew Lai Changming to undertake to treaty wording detailed is solved everywhere.

"Vehicle is main circumstance " fill in content amounts to 35

Two contracts take car seriously very the exposure of basic message, contract the first " vehicle is main circumstance " the concerned content that need fills in amounts to 35, the evidence that the basic message that covered car and configuration, car has and accident repair circumstance and authority to belong to a state to wait about trade the complete information of car, aim to because information is opaque,avoid, record is not complete and cause buyer interest damage, cause trade dispute.

The agreement should hand in money skill to make a car single-handed after the contract is signed

In view of at present two handcart trade the current situation with skimble-scamble means, " business contract demonstrative text " to trading means makes definite agreement, the agreement is signed in the contract hind, buyer pays bargainor while, bargainor must at the same time consign car is mixed relevant proof, assist buyer termlessly to deal with car to change the procedures that register. This trades avoid both sides risk, because buyer pays to hand in a car to produce time to poor, bilateral lack trusts and make the contract is fulfilled hard with the bargainor,avoid, cause dispute.
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