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Two handcart trade trap is comprehensive and analytic
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Came 2000 2007, 7 years short between, two handcart trade the quantity increases 2.6 million from 252 thousand. Occupy statistical number to show, two handcart and scale of new workshop sale achieved last year 0.8: 1. And the expert inside car line of business is forecasted, this scale will come true 2008 1: 1.

But notable is, in statistic two handcart trade what use when the quantity is amount of car transfer ownership, and two handcart trade in repeat change the name of owner in a register very general, that is to say, actually the development of two handcart market is measured and do not show goodly in that way like the number.

Although the number is insufficient accurate, but still can reflect a few phenomena: Two handcart business of domestic are warming up. Operator people to two handcart general and bullish, also make the two handcart of the administer below inn of 4S of the company of two handcart broker of full of beautiful things in eyes, each brand exhibition hall, secondhand the car specializes in inn to wait flood the market. From this two handcart trade means trades by onefold market trade pattern the pattern change that means coexists to diversified economy mode.

In the investigation that buys two handcart place to do in Xin Huaxin, data shows, the person be visited of 78% intended or had bought two handcart, only the person of 17.4% expresses that he must buy new car, although this scale cannot represent all consumer, but people sees one spot to the manner of two handcart.

Although two handcart of Chinese clinch a deal,amount year after year rises, but of two handcart clinch a deal quantity and new car trade the ratio of the quantity is inferior to a developed country far. Two handcart markets of Chinese lack those who unite a standard to evaluate a system is the bottleneck that restricts development of two handcart market, the quality of staff of two handcart market that derives from this is uneven, trade opaque etc also is consumer those who flinch advocate because of. "Juster, transparent, perfect detect the system may be two handcart this soil infuse nods nutrient " , inferior Su Hui of city general manager expresses.

Investigation shows, the consumer of 52.3% thinks unidentified, safety cannot assure setting is the main reason that they do not buy two handcart. And this period special subject us base oneself upon at Beijing is at present secondhand car market, the blind area in revealing two handcart to trade to consumer, a variety of catch that allow senior and adept personage to take reader steer clear of to trade.

  - foreign state

Abide abroad experience also permits the development contrail of two handcart markets of home of shoot a glance at. Generally speaking, the brisk rate of two handcart market develops with the country degree and car market maturity become direct ratio. Current, the sale of the two handcart such as the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Japan is new car sale respectively 3.5 times, 2 times, 2 times, 1.4 times. The after service that old car quality certification system, tripartite evaluates as center, coequal as new car pay and convenient and transparent trade the element that link is flourishing of market of foreign old car, and at the same time, the change of consumer idea also is the main power that two handcart market expands flourishingly.
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