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Two handcart of car city trade take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly
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Recently, the reporter trades in two handcart of Beijing the discovery on the market, as car city's off-season advent, traded July the two handcart market that the quantity jumps trades the capacity appeared atrophic. According to Beijing old motor vehicle trades mart count, whole market is entered after August trade actually the quantity is compared the corresponding period decreased to be become nearly last month. Beijing old motor vehicle trades bud of king of market market chief inspector expresses, a few mainstreams are at present secondhand the inventory of the car and price change are not big, predict integral market will maintain off-season level sex stability August.

In in couplet is secondhand a two handcart agent tells car market the reporter, in couplet market is secondhand the car traded July the quantity keeps basically stable, but enter oneself after August, trade the quantity glides very fast, many consumer already were driven before the Olympic Games kicked off August to be bought ahead of schedule, let the sale of two handcart be released ahead of schedule.

Same, in home the biggest two handcart trade one of markets -- Beijing old motor vehicle trades the market, the person that reporter discovery sees a car to the market decreased many, trade the quantity also is reduced somewhat. With end traded in July the hot occasion photograph of hall change the name of owner in a register queueing up is compared, present trade the hall has some of cold and cheerless. "The stock car of company of a lot of broker inside the market decreases somewhat, the model of many sell like hot cakes does not close at all now. " a chief of broker company says.

Two handcart trade to come off-seasonly, two handcart city is very helpless also. "Enter August, the sale that we hold regularly also can stop, the attention of consumer is transferred, trade the quantity is reduced also is the thing in anticipation. " Wang Meng says. Although, the cold and cheerless of the market lets two handcart trade the capacity appeared to glide momently, dan Wangmeng does not feel afraid to this. "Trade with new car off-season and different, two handcart trade off-season do not meet very long, especially after the 29th Olympic Games of Beijing ends this year, affirmative conference appears of two handcart trade height. Affirmative conference appears of two handcart trade height..

As we have learned, as a result of Olympic Games sheet even numbers is restricted of administrative plan carry out, let the two handcart July trade quantity increase sharply, the car that consumer buys the idea that a two handcart transfer to make Beijing region retains the quantity is in short-term inside had apparent promotion, this also is the following September two handcart market saved a certain quantity of car cause.

Wang Meng is analysed, suffer a car to use the influence of cost, the car that acquires during these only even numbers can compare concentration September the ground enters two handcart market, will increase the supply of two handcart market thereby.
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