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Cold current of two handcart city comes over trade the quantity is atrophic
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The personage inside course of study: Prices of second half of the year will continue insipid and secondhand the car trades the quantity is atrophic

"Calendar year is secondhand the amplitude that the car trades to all have nearly 30% . Before last year November, fluctuate in 27 thousand from the two handcart of car city work off only. " speak of two handcart to trade quantity, yantai car city vise general manager is regnal very sigh with emotion. He says, last year 51 around, two handcart trade to have a small climax, in those days, car city is stream of people is like tide really, trade hot.

But, such situation does not have emersion however this year.

This year first half of the year, besides the period of time before the Spring Festival, two handcart trade to glide all the way. Enter after June, of the market clinch a deal quantity atrophy dropped 10% above, but the value did not change basically.

Perhaps be to suffer benzine to rise in price wait for an element to affect, car of secondhand goods carry trades to drop this year the most apparent.

Kingdom ridgepole is pointing to the business affairs car 2007 to tell a reporter, han endowment enterprise favors quite this car, the car of this kind of low configuration clinched a deal last year valence fluctuates in 100 thousand yuan, 70 thousand yuan of bright also somebody ask this year. According to statistic, yantai car city this year the freight car first half of the year (contain business affairs car) clinch a deal the quantity is compared the corresponding period decreased last year about 30% , among them the star of Chang'an of model of one large main force, clinched a deal last year compared to the same period first half of the year this year the quantity decreased about 10% .

Analytic reason, kingdom ridgepole says, it is the at present high oil price, phenomenon that block a car up, difficult to jockey wait for the high end in be opposite two handcart market trades the effect is not apparent. But at present economic policy from close, add the stock market to go weak, the car consumes hard to avoid to be able to be restrained certainly. Day department model is more welcome

Reporter in the part two handcart trade the market understands, the trend that consumption upgrades is very clear.

Current, in the market 50 thousand, 100 thousand yuan model still is brunt, in a few integrated model trade the market, the share that 100 thousand yuan of the following model place hold was occupied clinch a deal the 50% above of the quantity, nimble is amounted to, fly degree, power gallop, a few models such as pineapple are wide welcome.
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