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The 4 big questions such as policy detail restrict two handcart trade
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Common saying says the home has a plan, state-owned national law, any industry is having the industry regulation of its oneself, have these only or bright or the characteristic that dark regular ability shapes an industry, ability promotes the development of the industry. In each industry the metropolis in developing a process has a paragraph " policy lag and vacuum " period, this time is comparatively shorter better, more normative ability forms the industry better economic effect.

Posture of two handcart industry compares course of study of foreign person of the same trade, it is very brief that its history can say, from 1985 home establishs the time that market of the first two handcart influences 23 years namely up to now, and the two handcart industry such as the United States, Europe grew above 50 years, although our near neighbour Japan also has history of more than 35 years.

Although the country is in what policy accelerated after 2005 to make, but in policy detail, those who carry out the respect such as supervisory strength to still have a lot of " insufficient " , at this late hour still formed what certain circumstance leaves certain area " optional " , block up the development of the industry.

Regular without good game, how to make sure equal and public business competes?

Problem 1: Maintenance record is not complete, kilometer watch is adjusted do not have punishment.

Quality assures period inside 4S inn maintenance, quality assures period outside search repair plant maintenance, this is the process that place of a lot of new cars experiences, the car that often exceeds above of 3 years of 60 thousand kilometer has complete maintenance record rarely.

This caused a lot of car to be able to inquire without historical record, after undertaking two handcart trade, the breakdown of a lot of convention is mixed hidden trouble can exist, especially the number of course of development of travel of car kilometer watch that a lot of users care quite.

Because course of development counts the travel of car to be able to behave car convention relatively,tatty uses a situation, but because do not have a record, on one hand before certain consumer sells for the price a bit taller subjective adjust kilometer watch to reduce course of development, additional on one hand certain old car middleman is adjusted. This with respect to what in causing two handcart to trade, very much now person emphasizes " dilettante see a table, adept see a car " , the kilometer expresses this one important parameter to cannot consult.

There also is this kind of circumstance to appear in inchoate United States, Japan actually, also existing at that time a lot of problems that repair a factory, also not be 4S inn such records are complete, but to ensure of odograph true, the country that car consumption develops is adjusted in the light of odograph have clear legal punishment, have the punishment of larger amount not only, still have 6-36 at the same time the imprisonment that the month differs. Go up from very great strength so keep within limits the behavior that odograph adjusts, the root inherent quality that promoted two handcart develops.
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