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Sales volume glides two handcart market also expects Jin Jiuyin 10
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Was connected to assure the traffic free during the Olympic Games on July 20 and air quality, beijing begins to apply the Olympic Games is restricted to go relevant measure. A lot of frequency that use a car numerous car advocate begin to search all sorts of method to solve a travel problem, car of together with yellow sign is forbidden start off travel, partial car advocate begin to eliminate Huang Biao car, capital each are big two handcart market also greeted a batch to clean out car a group of things with common features, but actual condition is to look more however, buy less.

Big environment causes whole of two handcart sales volume to glide

Enter since July, be risen by oil price, the Olympic Games is restricted to go of measure execute, the influence of the of all kinds element such as relevant trade policy, 6, the integral circumstance of two handcart market shows capital of two 7 months integral trend.

Old car of two handcart market evaluates the couplet in occupying Introduction Shi Weizheng, to two handcart market, the summer is off-season originally. And the consumptive group of two handcart markets of Beijing, main area of port of substandard of northeast, China north. Most group, had gone in the bounds related the Olympic Games before measure is carried out formally 5, finished June buy, and short-term in the possibility that won't business of car of many other place buys a car into Beijing, create export vehicle (especially model of old old, yellow sign) sales volume puts delay.

To Beijing consumer, of the subway open the advantage with public traffic, also be a factor that affects two handcart sale. A of two handcart market two handcart agent represents beautiful rural area: "Considering Olympic Games sheet even numbers is restricted to go before, may attract a batch of consumer to buy two handcart. But look now, although have certain stimulative effect, the effect is not apparent however, because a few still are pressed on the hand this now. Because a few still are pressed on the hand this now..

Model of small quantity, low oily cost rises in price

Opposite at integral sales volume drop, the sales volume of individual model is sober however have litre, most direct reflect be these models to rise in price.

Next watches are beautiful country two handcart market was mixed in January two handcart market had rate, price to reach in July all value analysis. Pass form to be able to see, rise in price to be centrally on the model of small quantity such as strange luck, Xiali, Fu Kang or low oily cost. Xiali of its culmination ferry fastens a model, the price rises it is 1670 yuan, the market is had rate by January 4.03% 6.17% what increase to July, sufficient evidence palpability is measured traditional brand is minor rows and model of low oily cost is in the position on two handcart market.


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