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The near future is secondhand car not anxious sells small-sized car to remain he
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"There is a car recently not anxious sells! " nowadays, this word has become two handcart to be used to diction. The beautiful country that is in Beijing, inferior city and in couplet is secondhand car market, near future of the person that the broker company of market of many two handcart and individual sell a car feels generally, two handcart begin into double ratio exemple recently tall, the price is stronger also. But personage of major of two handcart market thinks, in experience the market to trade fervent when, do not forget the variable that two handcart market may appear after October.

Small-sized car remains heat

And differ before, the near future is secondhand more or less does the expression of small-sized car have car market some " abnormal " . All the time since, two handcart are small-sized car or the sale target with low main vehicle is other cities market, and the near future begins, as a result of policy of only even numbers carry out, a lot of units of Beijing and individual phase sex increase with the car, small-sized car is secondhand car market demand reacts very quickly two handcart city, the price begins strong. During this, source of vehicle of Beijing small-sized car decreases apparently, sell a car to be anxious no longer!

It is two handcart market not just, in new car market, the Beijing user that the near future buys low miniature car is apparent grow in quantity, the end that the person that these buy a car buys a car is be carried during the Olympic Games or replace use, because this is major,the car can enter two handcart market in succession after September, because this can predict, october will be the period that two handcart source centers quite later, its price also can be affected certainly. Market personage thinks, company of two handcart broker or individual car advocate, should pay close attention the risk that two handcart market may exist after the Olympic Games.

Intermediate car price is stable

Because intermediate car market has made new car,compete this year a heat, competition of new car price is intense, bring about two handcart price to also be reduced accordingly, but increase as a result of demand, price photograph contrast is smoother. And small-sized and secondhand the car is compared, intermediate and secondhand the car is overall smoother, clinch a deal the amount is certain in have litre, but can feel apparently, intermediate car market the price fluctuates continuously since second half of the year this year. From last week trade in light of, wave motion of new car price has begun to be affected secondly handcart trades, also affect a few in advanced car. The POLO1.6L interest 2007 takes 86 thousand yuan, fell 4000 yuan; The 2.8L leading drive 2007 is luxurious model 228 thousand yuan, with compared March this year, dropped 30 thousand, market staff thinks, opposite at small-sized and secondhand car, demand of two handcart market has begun intermediate car smooth, the city after predicting trades won't have bigger wave motion, trade the price is certain in have fall.
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