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Two handcart of city of near future car are more popular the small car that disc
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A 1.4LPOLO that Mr Zhang just was opening him sails into two handcart city, the person of companies of many old car broker crowds around immediately, "Sell a car? Received car price to rise now. " as we have learned, oil price rises to had begun to affect considerably two handcart market. The near future is secondhand car market trades the quantity shows, the small car that discharge an amount is popular, become the popular commodities in car city.

Small quantity is secondhand the car is popular

Although small platoon is measured,sales volume is added suddenly, but it is apparently good however that small platoon measures two handcarts sold a lot of. The salesperson of company of broker of an old car expresses, the car that had better sell on two handcart market at present, basically center in 0.8 ~ 1.8L, because compare new car market, oil price still is the attention dot of purchaser of this interval that discharge an amount.

After oil price rose considerably on June 20, small-sized car measures model sales volume small rows to value especially, the price is common also go up raise. Became the tight smart money of nowadays like abstruse develop, Xiali, QQ, antelope. Picture at present abstruse develop, Xiali rose 1000 yuan or so, antelope rose 800 yuan or so, QQ rose 500 yuan or so. As we have learned, current and secondhand car market, it is good that the car that 1.3L controls an amount wants car condition fine only, need not worry about market basically.

Two handcart city is arisen " transfer a group of things with common features "

And to be risen by oil price the big platoon with bigger impact measures a vehicle, the businessman does not think to buy a person little. Controller of company of broker of an old car expresses, to luxurious model the old car that discharge an amount, because this kind of car is car age more shorter, the price is newer car privilege is bigger, the person that buys these models also is not to care about oil price, market respect is not anxious. Under photograph comparing, of economy SUV control car and sale more suffer an effect, wait for a model to resembling Qienuoji, the businessman is at present careful when stopping a car many. Quantity of even if platoon is largish intermediate price stopping a car falls generally already 2000 yuan of above, and the SUV of big quantity such as Qienuoji falls bigger.

In addition, emerge in large numbers begins to go out in two handcart city with be being changed greatly small " transfer a group of things with common features " . Couplet car trades in market the Kingdom of Wei asks for an explanation to say, here with be being changed greatly small not be cart trades a car, show with lard bad news in same level the car trades vehicle of little oily waste time however. What leave formerly like a client is 3.0L Jun Wei, lv of the unified exam after oil price rises changes a 1.8T Pasate; Or former it is 3.0L big jeep, at present the plan changes elegant cabinet of a 2.4L or Kaimeirui. The class of the model did not change, but the charge that raise a car can be saved from this however a lot of.
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