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Model of two handcart market is big volume encounters nick of high oil price
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Long-term and cheap the public figure that thinks be economical buys brand car is doted on. Come day after day however, reporter Cong Shunde is secondhand the car trades the market understands, because oil price rises substantially, big platoon measures suffocate suffocate of car sales volume in two handcart market. Big platoon measures two handcart is old car market basically trades phyletic, the change of prices, make numerous and secondhand car business is immersed in the trough that manage.

  Two handcart buyer faces a flinch

"I buy two handcart because fund is limited, need buys good brand with not much money, convenient I go out talk about business. " on the market, mr Zhang that opens small-sized hardware plant is opposite 5 years of car age " Pasate " generated interest, but say 12 litres to bad news oil measures every 100 kilometers when the boss when, he abandoned. "Fat fee is too fierce. "Fat fee is too fierce..

Differ with wealthy person, it is likewise important that managing vehicle fund and managing oil expend the youth that buys big platoon to measure two handcarts is small perhaps businessmen. Accordingly, meet oil price rises again, affected two handcart market directly, discharge volume model greatly especially. Be in new cooperative inside old car market, see the car, citizen that chooses a vehicle see inaccessibly, the form of rock is basic the counterjumper that is sale old car and boss.

   Secondhand the old car that discharge an amount drops into trough

Inside the market, the reporter sees a middleaged man opens a Feng Tian SUV of 3 will seek advice. The boss tells a reporter to say stealthily, limousine of the cross-country car that many people are driving to discharge an amount greatly recently, entrance will seek advice from the price, many it is to be overcome these " oily tiger " , preparation changes small quantity or other model.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman of two handcart business discloses say, since oil price after rising, car business people the cross-country car of the keep long in stock in the hand is the worst to move. The Feng Tian of the still has big amount Euramerican model of likewise bad skill and Japan, imperial crown.

The reporter arrives alertly, differ with skill car, what two handcart market appears is the small car that discharge an amount good sell, the old car that discharge an amount became slow-moving model instead. Spend very few money to be able to buy a small-sized car now, when money buys new car to say again, such circumstance makes small quantity secondhand for a short while the car is more popular.

Is the old car that discharge an amount slow-moving be temporary phenomenon only?

Businessmen think, what big platoon measures two handcart is slow-moving and current it is temporary phenomenon only, can rebound very quickly, because want to be able to use the person of the car from beginning to end, oil price rises not to fall only is feasibility condition, pass when wait-and-see mood, consumer can move finally.
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