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100 thousand ~ of two handcart city cleans out tall sex price 130 thousand yuan
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Want to carrying paragraph heart sprinkler on two handcart market, accurate car advocate people beforehand needs to do sufficient homework really.

Nearly 1000 cars are the same as car market an athletics, bring about discard of bad of superior of new old model, mainstream heat sells a model change rapid. In two handcart market it is competition likewise intense, and how is ability as consumer in dazzling model the two handcart of choose heart water? We invite this locality the professional personage of two handcart market will do relevant analysis for broad consumer, look the model choice of different price has two handcart market this year what changes.
Before first phase, the professional personage of two handcart markets of Guangzhou analysed 50 thousand yuan of ~7 for us in interval of 10 thousand yuan of prices, how to choose a two handcart that add up to a heart. This period we ask them to talk in 100 thousand yuan of ~ 130 thousand yuan in this price, price of what tall sex makes everybody naughty than two handcart. Civil / graph Deng Li

  This a train or bus travelling only part of it's normal routine sort is most rich

100 thousand ~ 130 thousand yuan of this price limits, it is a lot of new cars advocate the first selection of the first car falls enough space. In market of skill new car, model of this limits optional is extensive very, fly newly degree, Lan Teyue of POLO, Yi is moved, triumphant more, Sailatu, Kaluola, beautiful 307, fine horse nimble. And be in secondhand the market, 100 thousand ~ can allow a car 130 thousand yuan not only advocate buy above lists model, and still can clean out more what content is worth somewhat is medium advanced car, come from class A car B class car have everything that one expects to find. An Jun is secondhand the car trades Chao Zhidong of market vise general manager expresses: 100 thousand ~ 130 thousand yuan two handcart, it is current secondhand trade market model sort is most rich, trade interval of most active a price. The two handcart type with optional consumer is times more than new car besides, also can allow a class.

According to introducing, the popular model that 100 thousand ~ can choose 130 thousand yuan is many, besides domestic car, still include SUV, MPV and racing bike to wait, there is no lack of among them car age does not arrive one year " car of accurate Xin Jing " . The reporter sees in the market, come except treasure, beautiful 307, corollaceous, gallop, outside the domestic litter such as scene Cheng, the consumer that wants to make fun of cruel still can clean out the civilian racing bike such as the contemporary cruel group that to such as car age controls in 5 years, beauty leopard that controls 2 years; Pay attention to a space practical, this the GL8 fastening a gram that also can clean out car age to control, cropland Odyssey, contemporary get the better of amount to, the model such as Ou Lade.

   Choose 2 years of or so accurate new cars most be to one's profit
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