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Run quickly GL320
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Offer car price: 990 thousand yuan
· issue date: (2008-10-29 13:40:00)
· color:
Business way: Sell
· whether change the name of owner in a register: ?
· issues an unit / individual: Bi Ren?
· connects a telephone call: 13309839333
Inside and outside acts the role of configuration: Door lock accuses in electric car window rearview mirror of dynamoelectric rearview mirror heats function
Seat of seat of derma of CD acoustics air conditioning is dynamoelectric adjust function
Seat is calorific the function is adjustable air conditioning of backlash of control of acoustics of steering wheel steering wheel gives wind gap
Alloy of scuttle coloured glass annulus headlight of the gas that encircle xenon
Decide fast cruise system to back a car gasbag of safety of banquet of passenger of gasbag of safety of radar driver's seat
ABS of curtain type gasbag is prevented hold electron of EDS of dead apply the brake in the arms to differ electron of fast lock ESP to stabilize a system
The car carries TV guard against theft to call the police lacquer of metal of device of preparation of systematic mobile telephone
Aid force to change converter of much dish CD to navigation of satellite of GPS of peach wood interior trim

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