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Dynamic examination: How to try a two handcart " true kongfu " ?
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Buy the home normally finishing alleged " the static state enjoys a car " namely after each postmortem of car jib, if feel this car if each respect is satisfactory, next the most important step is test-drive of actual start off, namely so called " dynamic examination " .

The guest that although some of car business is in,is not willing to let see a car greatly at the beginning is actual test-drive, but if buy the home to show,buy good faith dye-in-the-woodly, inn-keeper can let a client undertake trying normally. Buy a ten million to be sure to keep in mind nevertheless, once you are favorite which car section, just must go through actual start off test-drive, because pass whole test-drive course only, ability examines piece include engine, gear-box, batholith, pensile, brake, fixed position to wait to whether have a problem, even indoor outfit is in the car travel from time to tome sound of as good as appears wait for a state.


After starting engine, be in besides postmortem engine idle fast when whether to have shake out of order phenomenon or discrepant sound outside appearing, when test-drive of actual start off, the most important is to detect the accelerator reaction that engine quickens is smooth, have without do not add on oil or accelerator walk very deep, but the feeling is very weak and engine loud abnormal phenomenon appears, moreover the finger of revolution counter has fluctuation rock adventitious; Additional, also should see water lukewarm plan whether does scale keep normal and constant emplacement. Also can open switch of air conditioning central heating then, see compressor and fan whether be run normally, listen to leather belt to give out the sound of the shriek.


Gear-box also is test-drive when examine priority discipline, because two handcart have the problem on too much travel, all come from gear-box imperfect or excessive operation causes attaint place to cause, because this buys the home must test-drive of actual start off, advancing each block a switch (discharge car section oneself from platoon, hand platoon or hand identical) , it is normal to view action of whole shift gears. If have gear jerky not suitable happen hard even into the circumstance that block, state this gear-box has damage surely namely.

Additional, if disclosure gear-box is in,clear defeat all can arise to use an appearance when shift gears switch every time, or be D is hanged to block when stop (discharge car) oneself, can blazing shakes become enamoured condition, that states this provides gear-box to may have a problem.


Car batholith and pensile system are discrepant, want to pass a road one time to try to be able to discover namely only. The proposal buys the home to be when test-drive, can choose to wait for road condition to all can come to a paragraph in general road, tortuous path, bumpy road surface as far as possible, want chassis only so discrepant sound appear to be able to detect namely, and of pensile system avoid shake implement the effect is discrepant phonic phenomenon can examine from this piece. In addition, the location of car is exact, and the automobile body list when car is turning and steering wheel reaction are normal, have appearance of sound of as good as, also can detect along with all the others piece.
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