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Pick one of set of two handcart little common sense---Check frame
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When master is picking two handcart, whether does total meeting concern appear important matter reason. Pretty good, the degree of the accident is mattered to directly trade finally the price, when choosing two handcart, besides the actor bad that masters the crucial part such as engine, apply the brake, drive, transmission, wiring, master car once accident condition is very fundamental also examination frame is the good method that whether judgement car has collision accident. Because had given the car of the accident for the most part, the mark leaves in the metropolis on frame, see you whether judgement came out.

Major car is used " integral automobile body " structure, already automobile body / frame whole design; And most van, SUV still uses independent automobile body and alone frame type design; And some " highway, city " SUV also uses integral automobile body to design, often say namely " CBV " (car batholith SUV) wait for a model.

After frame is damaged, appear possibly in travel a few harmful response, this can be judged through test-drive. Change direction for example inhomogenous not stable also; Straight travel process can have the sound of sth astir of the wheel; Tire has slant grind a trace; Change list to the phenomenon such as the sideslip when inhomogenous, apply the brake. These reaction may be frame bends relative, the specification ever appeared accident.

When spot reconnaissance car, can adopt following methods: Check respectively left, right the around of two side annulus whether to become linear, not be linear, explain integral frame bent; Return the interval that can measure the side after every wheel and wheelhouse, should roughly identical, explain frame or integral automobile body have otherwise curve evidence; Still can inspect engine cover and wing child board clearance, then examination door is received meet the clearance of place, if gap is too big, probable it is to had changed engine cover and door, also may be the spray paint after ever disassembling, this affirmation and accident are inseparable.

After opening engine to build, see two carling of perforative and whole engine room, be in normally of the lower part of accumulator see not easily, and left and easy observation. Check them to have without solder or the trace of craze. If be the accident that chases after end or flank to bump, frame can suffer extruding and bend or craze, need to solder when maintenance; The wing that inspects a car child board part, this also is the crucial place that judges car whole automobile body to whether have an accident, if have,solder or the trace such as craze, with respect to the specification its had appeared flank collision accident; If leave conditionally,go up ground channel, can check apparently. Wait to the car, can check reinforcement; Wait to SUV, van, but between check frame. See them whether flat and cannot have bend. And a few beam of perforative frame are not due also solder lapping defect is slash.

In choosing two handcart course, frame is very important examination part, consumer cannot treat sth lightly, if oneself hold very hard, look for a friend that knows maintenance to follow head for all right, help you guard a pass.
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