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7 detail that two handcart should notice the choose and buy
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Although the price is substantial, but " hole child " a lot of, do not take care, you buy car of those accident cars, water adj/LIT wide possibly, to bury next safe hidden trouble later. If where,Lin Lin always is cleaned out in total two handcart be at ease car, consumer need attention is a few more the following detail.

Buy car time

Car is in place after night, some cars can appear to be started not easily, the trace of ground leakage oil, show occurrence issue of electrical system or oily fluid system. Car can reflect its fundamentality most in the morning can.

Leave factory time

Our country has specific provision to the service life of car, it is 10 years commonly, the longest do not exceed 14 years. When buying two handcart, must make a thorough investigation of of car leave factory time, lest redemptive the car that is about to discard as useless. Can carry car sign commonly, or of former user on the card records fish, the most accurate is to pass the method that searchs data of this model technology to understand.

Travel course of development

The service life of the car and use time and travel course of development have immediate concern. Be in commonly travel 150 thousand - after 250 thousand kilometer, the function of the car can be reduced apparently, need undertakes repairing ceaselessly or change spare parts. The travel course of development that examines a car can pass what the balata foot on observation clutch pedal pad and brake steps to wear away state sees.

Automobile body exterior

Buy two handcart to must observe car exterior attentively. But according to by outside to the order inside, observe car lacquer carefully, general former plant spray paint feels even character, color is harmonious, build the car paint that fill via repairing a factory, qi Se or thickness meeting and all round not be identical; The boot after also can be being opened, according to boot the color inside also can judge a whether new in season to pass a surname.

What should examine automobile body seriously is rustily, it and primary vehicle use time length and the following service life to have very big concern, can pass inspection door, window, leaf board, gutter channel, fluid sealant etc place see sealed state and rustily rate, still can open boot and felt of the floor before opening, examine boot have on the floor without slack phenomenon.

Car interior trim

When checking car interior trim, ought to the function key switch of dial of appearance of examination of one by one, steering wheel and indication lamp is in good condition. When good steering wheel is using hand rock, fluctuation should not have space, extent of or so rock should not pass big. Notice to observe whether door glass can rise even fall freely and sealing. Seat around is slip and smooth without infarction.

Check engine

Examine engine exterior, identify leakage oil, slack trace. Ignite engine, observe the color of eduction gas, if translucent weak gray, show engine in order, if the gas of eduction is of black, it is good to explain engine does not have air officer. Still can differentiate through sound in addition. Engine oil should have viscosity, without metallic pink bits.
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