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The practical method that old car evaluates
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What need to point out above all is, car buys the price finally is very difficult support " computation, estimation " get. Clinch a deal valence and very much element are concerned, whether the state that includes car, formalities is short of break, the change of the actual strength of agency, market level. Because at present home is maintained to car value,did not unite a standard, and the principal part that old car manages is company of old car broker (SOHO) , when trading so, clinch a deal value discusses to come out almost, cant is " a little " come out. Apparent, support computation formula satisfies a requirement hard.

When people is selling a car, hope to undertake assessment first, actually, evaluate this term, but the understanding of one divides into two, already " evaluate " and " appraisal " . Introduce respectively below.

1, appraisal. Need to follow market level, for instance car of which years, what kind of configuration, number of course of development, again integrated the price quotations of market of new, old car, can have appraised price to car. The appraisal with our for instance medium program, it is a basis afore-mentioned foregone conditions, be in what did not see undertake below objective circumstance. Appraisal is one clinchs a deal the limits of valence, for instance the nimble 2002 amounts to GIX, limits is in 5.5-6 10 thousand yuan between. Pointing to is to be in car condition is basic and good, formalities is not had be short of break premise to fall, clinch a deal finally the limits of valence. The factor that affects appraised price includes; Value of new car market is dynamic, of brand and model famous spend the situation that reachs public praise, fittings and maintenance to wait a moment. The method of appraisal has a lot of, academia uses computational formula, for instance:

Replacement price * (1- already used fixed number of year / the regulation uses fixed number of year) *100%* adjusts coefficient

Among them, (1- already used fixed number of year / the regulation uses fixed number of year) *100%part, the result that reach cries " into new rate " . "Replacement price " point to the price that is the same as type new car namely. But this formula suits to still be in more sold model.

For instance, 1.6GL of Yi Lan spy, already used 2 years. At present new car coachs valence is one hundred and four thousand eight hundred yuan, preferential price makes an appointment with 90 thousand yuan or so, attach most importance to put price with 90 thousand yuan, economic service life is 15 years, according to formula:

90000* (1-2/15) *100%=78000 yuan.

Adjust coefficient part, can according to the method below:


A, weight

B, into new rate %

Adjust coefficient (A*B)





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