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The car protects a value to lead " what tall what is low "
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1, one's previous experience at " large family of rich and powerful family "

"Large family of rich and powerful family " , need has extremely tall brand famous spend and value, make a standard on behalf of the car of foremost edge on international even, even considerable produce and sale is measured. These a few conditions are very fundamental, be short of one cannot. For example, luck of Guangzhou Feng Tiankai beauty, although build factory time not to grow, but demand is very big, go out to demand exceeds supply now situation, the person that add what valence buys there are plenty of such people, why? -- the trademark is well-known degree tall, the value of the brand is high, the market approves rate tall. Who lets Feng Tian is the car trademark with well-known international, the actual strength of rich and powerful family and consequence see one spot. Such model, be born oneself, be destined its social status does not poor.

Rich and powerful family of one's previous experience also is not reputation celebrated. Be like Rong Wei 750, known to all it is " ROVER75 " , as a result of inside reason, did not stick the car label of ROVER. But " ROVER " the brand is brilliant in the memory of people, represented the development history of the car, having special sense, the value of the brand exceeds Feng Tian even. But choose in car of level of domestic business, business affairs, administration in more special however, differ not only level has different salary, also have clear demand to the model, this one market is so medium, "Dare be the world first person " very few, do sth unconventional or unorthodox may suffer condemn both in speech and writing. Although each respect function of Rong Wei exceeds Kaimeirui, but with respect to the rate that keep a cost character, cannot place on a par with Kaimeirui temporarily. So in view of this, although was affixed really " ROVER " car mark, famous degree, the market approbates degree how to much can raise again.

2, low car protects cost rate to have have high low.

Domestic car market is arisen tide of the small low that discharge an amount. At present lowest is in 2.5-3.0 10 thousand yuan of interval. For example Xiali, abstruse develop, QQ3, auspicious, Changjiang Delta the brand such as abstruse develop. There are a such laws in old car market " more inexpensive car keeps a cost rate is higher " , really, xiali, abstruse develop is such. Say they keep a cost rate is high, understand from another angle, namely " be out of pocket is little " . 30 thousand yuan buy a Xiali, the resell after a year, prices can go to 26 thousand yuan, calculate on 3000 multivariate purchase duty, also with respect to compensate 8000 yuan or so, so to great majority car advocate can accept. Although 2002 (register 5 years) Xiali 7101, buy prices to still can go to 20 thousand yuan, it is thus clear that its be out of pocket protects a value really less to lead nature tall.

But to auspicious, Changjiang Delta abstruse develop, do not have so lucky, if be the auspicious lofty sentiments that registers 5 years likewise, buy prices mere also 15 thousand yuan. The reason includes the actual strength of manufacturer and force, this, auspicious cannot compare with Xiali photograph. More important, still have the maturity of the difference of technical quality and product, xiali has huge advantage undoubtedly. So, cheap may not protects a value to lead tall pronoun namely.
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