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Hold prices stopping a car how effectively?
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Car of my constant proposal advocate much when selling a car understanding trades prices, accomplish know fairly well, but how decide this " several " ? OK and affirmative is, almost every car can get buying price, no matter be to register firm the new sounds of nature of two months, still be duke of old Ni Sang. Normally, want newspaper of company of old car broker to go out only buy price, with respect to the proof this car has the market, the businessman won't miss opportunity stopping a car. But also have the model that gets very hard buying prices, if car condition is very poor, it is accident car, overhaul car, adjacent even discard as useless the car of fixed number of year, interested old car businessman is very few. To the car advocate, need sells a car, the simplest method goes to old car market namely, after broker company looks a car to reach the formalities that check on the spot, can " see actual price " .
Do not pass every car advocate to gotten quote unable to decide which is right, it may be said " jubilate a few times a few anxious " . Actually, old car buys prices is to have the law, also have a characteristic, the reason besides car oneself (a particular year, car condition, formalities) , still be restricted by outside element, include a brand famous degree, fluctuant, maintenance, fittings, oily bad news waits new car price a moment. Below, the author introduces a few old cars to buy the pattern in prices.

One, in be the same as series, with " standard type " for the foundation.
When consumer is buying new car, discover some model to be able to appear according to different configuration a few plant or ten kinds of design, and exterior is same almost. For example Fengtian is corollaceous, structure of automobile body exterior, engine, batholith is same, and respective difference shows to go up in configuration with respect to body, if the hand moves navigation of archives, automatic archives, electron, high sound to wait, cent is GL-I, GLX-I, GLX-S3 kind the model of 6 above, the price is in 13.28-19.08 10 thousand yuan. Old car businessman is in when buying, be with its " basic model " , namely one the cheapest that is reference, be like October 2005 corollaceous and basic model, model is GL-I, the hand stirs file, old car businessman is reference with one hundred and thirty-two thousand eight hundred yuan, its buy prices value to be in 10.5-11 10 thousand yuan between. This party condition becomes model of all and corollaceous series to buy the foundation of prices.
Again for instance POLO series, the price of 1.4L and 1.6L is in 9.98-13.77 10 thousand yuan (two new car prices that discharge an amount agree basically) , with " basic model " for the foundation, move like the POLO1.4 hand October 2005 basic model, it is with ninety-nine thousand eight hundred yuan fiducial, buy prices to fluctuate for 78 thousand yuan, this price becomes POLO to fasten those who list a model to buy prices basis. Such example too numerous to mention one by one, so car advocate but according to model of some brand new car " basic model " will measure buy prices base price.
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