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Be to buy a hand to stir file? Still buy automatic archives?
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What should say above all is, in the choose and buy before two handcart, want to buy car demand certainly, and the budgetary choose and buy according to oneself is appropriate car. On the market, of all kinds and secondhand the car also is not move archives, automatic archives to distinguish according to the hand of actor bad, basically be a basis the element such as configuration of car brand, model, a particular year, design, car condition, formalities will evaluate car, distinguish the class of car and price finally. But, to the demand buying a car with diverse consumer, and the two handcart of different class and price, people adversary uses the option of archives or automatic archives, still have clear consumptive orientaton.

The first, the car with inferior price, the hand stirs file have the market more. If surprise,nimble of Europe of the Xiali of lucky QQ, one steam, contest that fasten a gram, Feiyatepaliao, masses is amounted to, magical the two handcart such as Long Fukang, move archives model basically to give priority to with the hand. For example, the automatic archives model that nimble amounts to includes the brigade of sea wind of AT city pioneer, ATi, CIF-AT to wait, model of a few automatic archives admits in consumer

Archives model can be used under other hand far on degree. AT city pioneer is in in the price when 2001 180 thousand yuan of above, the GTX that comparatives than configuration wants tower above 20 thousand multivariate, but it is consistent that the old car with current both buys prices.

Consumer has a general consensus, think automatic archives excessive consumption of fuel and oil, and low price is secondhand in buying of the car, there is no lack of among them very much individual is given priority to with family expenses, the budget that buy a car 5, 60 thousand yuan, pay attention to fuel economy very much, so the hand stirs file more contented their requirement. Additional, a lot of in in the model of low price, its are automatic the technical time of transmission is earlier, so technology and quality are not very good, archives model excessive consumption of fuel and oil is used than congener hand really in be being used actually, as the hand so the model that stir file has the market.

The 2nd, 15-20 10 thousand yuan, and more the two handcart of higher-priced however as it happens is contrary. In the consumer that this price place faces, be displacement car partly quite, because a car moves archives to be in the majority with the hand, so consumer is willing to change automatic archives model more, contented more convenient and comfortable drive demand. In the two hand models of this price, of contented business or business affairs utility be in the majority, the most typical, sa resembling handkerchief is special A6 of B5, Ao Di, often come in and go out social situation, receive send guest to wait, it is even " bureaucratic airs " dye-in-the-wood, model of so automatic archives " have outer part more " . Still have elegant like this cropland cabinet, Ma Zida 6 etc, officer's car market was aimed at when just appearing on the market, whole vehicle department uses archives model without configuration hand even at that time, just just rolled out a hand to use archives model in nearly two years, handcart is secondly so basic be automatic archives.
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