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Pick set of two handcart little common sense---Inspect tire
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The examination should not have stone boss, nail to wait inside fetal grain sundry, also cannot have serious cut, this may be caused flat; Examination " gas mouth " cannot have flat, can sprinkle bit of water, look have without bleb, from the speed frequency that bleb produces, can conclude core of a powerful person is to damage returning is sealed and lax;

Is abnormal wear away phenomenon. If have, probable because the following reason causes,be: Toe-int of exorbitant or too low, front-wheel drive adjusts tyre pressure undeserved, tire is balanced not bearing of beautiful, hub is adjusted undeserved etc.

The first, the atmospheric pressure of tire is very important, it is affecting the service life of tire, when checking two handcart, turn round the car first circuit, check 4 wheels not should " short energy of life " , using naked eye is very easy observe. OK also of course embryo of have the aid of controls a list or other measure an instrument to check.

The 2nd, if see wear away among tire decorative pattern serious, probable it is fetal pressing long-term and exorbitant bring about; Contrary, if be tire decorative pattern,two side wear away, demonstrative car advocate often had pressed the travel below small state in the embryo. Normally the value tags the standard atmospheric pressure of tire to go up in the flank outside tire.

The 3rd, when checking front-wheel drive, if or so rounds wear away inhomogenous, or inside wears away serious, it is toe-int or extroversion likely incorrect, also may be to turn to machine clearance too big, or turn to an orgnaization to join Song Kuang is brought about.

The 4th, check bearing of two handcart hub. If possible word, can rise frame, perhaps leave on ground channel. Motor-car annulus turns with the hand later, should not have noise smoothly, if roll has,have a pine closely, the likelihood is bearing abnormal. Still can fluctuate with hand handholding wheel two end, pull motor-car annulus, should do not have Song Kuang and block sluggish feeling.