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How to pursue two handcart trade?
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As the rapid development of two handcart industry, a lot of people begin to pay close attention to this one domain, the hope pursues this group course of study. Two handcart itself and the chance of investment of two handcart periphery trade or obtain employment are very much. If do,manage, need to have certain fund above all, be in Beijing for example, garrison old car market, want to have the starting fund of 500 thousand at least, the contented office that rent uses room and the fund that buy car place need. Having money is a precondition, but the most crucial question is not money, however experience. Old car runs the mainest business is " stop a car - carry out car - formalities of conduction change the name of owner in a register " , but from the point of difficulty, it is however " formalities of change the name of owner in a register - carry out car - stop a car " such permutation.

So, if be in,did not enter two handcart industry from already check, so OK from " do sth for sb change the name of owner in a register " begin to be made. Do sth for sb first formalities is all ready car, after do something one knows well, try to do sth for sb again have the car that lacks accidentally drop add, meantime can help a car advocate fill do be short of accidentally drop add. To oneself, can let oneself gradually " do sth for sb change the name of owner in a register " business quality is more overall (the procedures that can know to be short of does where, who to look for to do, accumulate person arteries and veins to concern slowly at the same time, alleged friend became much thing of easy to handle) .

"Do sth for sb change the name of owner in a register " while the member that can do two handcart to sell, sell a car simply in the begining, no matter stop a car, that is the thing that the boss goes to talking. Sell a car more, can exercise oneself sale ability, eloquence, communication ability. Do not look down upon this job, good salesperson asks to have very overall business quality, want to know quotations of old car price not only, the quotations of new car price of the new car that knows every car even and other competition model. Not only such, know the each respect knowledge of the car even, if the car is tectonic, the car uses new technology, car information, trade policy, vehicle maintenance maintains, congener competition model is comparative, configuration of the model that be the same as a department and price difference. That is to say, although dry is old car, also should learn " walking on two legs " , with new hurried old can yet be regarded as a tweak. Just think, when marketting car, can the technical index this car, functional configuration, as comparative as other model analysis, can tell clear and logical, I think, at least the client can feel you are very professional, the meeting is very trustful your. Have good psychological quality and fitness even of course, selling two handcart is to be in fairground mostly, freezing intense heat of summer, wind blows insolation, it is a test to practitioner. And the car that stops newly, learn to brush a car even, this follows washing a car is two concepts, clean and secondhand the process of the car is very painstaking, from in outside arriving, part of side side part... , brush lathe work well, in circle, also be craftsman. Press those who take salary, for instance " homebred car 80 yuan, entrance car 100 yuan " .
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