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The road tries the practical method of two handcart
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When choosing two handcart, the road tries is indispensable link, through be opposite engine is started, idle fast, start, quickly, divide evenly fast, glide, compulsive decelerate, urgent apply the brake, from cheap arrive high-grade, again from high-grade to low block, those who check car hold control function of function, apply the brake, glide function, quicken function, noise to reach discharge a circumstance to wait. A few practical methods introduce below:

1, the road tries time to had better be 10-15 minute. If be in old car market, can choose the path beyond the market. Because the road tries time to grow, can mirror a car to be when different transport condition function.

2, place starts quicken travel, fierce step on the gas looks carry fast sensitive. On slope road examination car is carried fast whether to have interest. If behave not beautiful, explain engine power is insufficient. Car uses time to grow, wear away aggravate, metropolis loss power, this is inevitable. When the road tries, when travel of first-rate examination high speed, feel the difference on top speed and parameter, difference should not pass big.

3, the hand moves archives car clutch should joint is smooth, detached and complete. The breakdown that clutch often appears is skid and depart is not complete, these answering cause start difficult, travel is faint, climb slope gear of faint, transmission gives out clash, start shake etc.

4, on capacious road surface, with 15 kilometers / hour speed travel, steering wheel towards the left, right-hand rotation is moved, look agile, have without time pitching moment. Scatter steering wheel not to answer sideslip.

5, when the apply the brake that order check is checked, with 20 kilometers / hour speed travel, step on apply the brake urgently to loosen next, should not appear sideslip evidence. 50 kilometers / when hour speed urgent apply the brake, car should instantly decelerate, not due sideslip evidence. Check hand brake at the same time.

6, glide when function is checked, can 30 kilometers / hour speed travel, after picking neutral, the examination slips to be apart from all right, average car do not answer little at 150 meters.

7, check final drive. With 40 kilometers / below hour speed, abrupt loose accelerator, catch fierce step on the gas, see final drive whether give out bigger noise.

8, when transmission is checked, should with 50 kilometers / when hour speed, pick empty shelves to glide, according to gliding the distance reckons whether the transmission efficiency of car is tall. Not due and clear block sluggish case.

9, when examining damping system, answer to drive car to rough entire road surface designedly, or much curvedder road surface, if have strong bumpy feeling, give out depressing noise even, explain damping system has a problem.

When choosing two handcart, want to check the new old rate of the intuitionistic part such as automobile body exterior and interior trim not only, the most important still is mechanical state of whole. These methods are compared above simple and practical. As a result of numerous car advocate not be expert at to maintenance, the friend that can look for to know maintenance so is followed row, according to the problem that when the road tries, discovers, he can provide a few information to you, if maintain circumstance of cost, fittings to wait, have very great help to choosing a vehicle.
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