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Oil of item love a car has idea reasonable rate travel most the province is oily
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Gas price is the topic that car a group of things with common features cares most all the time, face oneself love car, which no matter go,go for a spin, it is a very happy thing, but mention oil price can'ts help interest is decreased greatly, that lets high speed policeman and division of the energy-saving management that decrease a platoon tell you to save oily secret Ji.

The oily amount that same driver uses is absolutely different, say simply, the driver with good technology won't be fierce on high speed step on the gas, their principle is, step on brake less, not step on the gas, car starts smoothly and quicken equably, than urgent start to want to save oil apparently quickly abruptly, quicken even, such already can the section is oily, can reduce parts to wear away again, always keeping smooth also is a technology.

Everybody knows high speed drives affirmative excessive consumption of fuel and oil, nevertheless an any cars have economic speed per hour, under this speed per hour or prep above oily cost of this speed per hour can rise, but after exceeding fixed rate, when you go cheering, much preparation chooses fund, after getting the economic speed per hour that follows oneself so, maintain this speed travel to just be met most the province is oily.

A lot of cars advocate the domestic ” that is car analogy him “ flow, since be the home, that family belongs must all ready, of find sth useful, of not need, useful, trashy, be loved extremely by these the car of the car advocate the domestic ” that is moved into him “ flow. But, relevant test data makes clear, of car self-prossessed the oil that every add 5 kilograms to be able to use up 1 % more. Accordingly, the car of the domestic ” that still suggests those flow “ of car regard as advocate, must not be at ordinary times inside the car overladen article, have activity of “ decompression ” to loving a car regularly, car yielding love maintains the body appearance ” with a lightsome “ .

The standard embryo that carries tire is pressed, oily to the province also have profit very much. Because exorbitant or too low embryo controls the oily cost that can raise car, and more dangerous is, too low embryo is pressed cause more easily become flat. So car advocate can equip along with the car a tire is measured pressure plan, the embryo that often checks love car is pressed, assured to drive already so safe, can save benzine effectively again.

Additional, the energy-saving management that decrease a platoon Mr Shi Gaogeng emphasizes, protect the engine of “ heart ” of good car, ensure job of “ heart ” runs stable, unobstructed, position is good, also be the good method that makes car division oily. The car is in go is fair after course of development, sure meeting produces the technical condition of each mechanical report subsystem corresponding or super- constant deterioration, appear all sorts of unusual display and balance are maladjusted.
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