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Microtherm season should choose the lubricating oil with viscosity minor low pou
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Deep fall red-letter day, the car maintains indispensable. If the car is entered,do not do before the winter maintain accordingly, meeting generation is very serious wear away, be equivalent to maintaining normally next wear extent that run a few years more. How does ability select right lube product to love a car, the reporter interviewed the lube technician Zhang Shaoyong of service center of Taiyuan of lube of Chinese petrifaction Great Wall technically.

Air temperature of autumn winter season drops more apparent, common lube product becomes stiffer below the circumstance with low air temperature, fluidity is abate, achieve the time lengthen that needs lubricant place, cause car to be started not easily and wear away increase. So autumn winter season, viscosity of best choice base oil the lube product with small, low pour point, such ability bring favorable lubricant action continuously to car engine.

Wintry Xia Tong is first selection with engine oil

Above all, choice lube should undertake choosing according to the requirement of engine, both neither is asking to too advanced engine oil is used on inferior engine, also cannot use lower engine oil it is on the engine with higher demand. The choice of lube can raise one level up on the foundation that manufacturer recommends, or choose synthesis engine oil function is much better.

Next, answer to choose wintry Xia Tong to use engine oil as far as possible. General engine oil no matter the lubricant function that how temperature changes to be able to keep stabler, have better protective effect to engine.

Again, look the state option of engine. If engine is new or of in order, answer to use the engine oil with inferior viscosity as far as possible, for instance 0W-40, 5W-40 is mixed 10W-40, in order to make the flow of lube rapidder, decrease when starting wear away.

Finally, if be,had worn away in section of tall warm season or engine of certain level, be about to choose the engine oil of tall viscosity, for instance 15W-50, such is helpful for that form deeper oily film, keep the pressure of engine oil, reduce engine oil to use up.

Add a capacity not overmuch

Engine oil adds a capacity is not more better. If lube is overmuch, can increase the rotational resistance of crankshaft, reduce the output power of engine, and those excessive engine oil are met leap up burns into firebox, cause car to burn engine oil, risk blue smoke, so that oily cost raises. The hangover after engine oil burns can build up to go up in firebox wall, reduce firebox space, lower the compression ratio of engine thereby; In the meantime, also meet those who quicken cylinder and piston wear away, lower the service life of car thereby. So, when adding lubricating oil, must maintain slightly under engine oil feet top scale is advisable; Master a lot of element such as function of the season of the model of engine oil, oil change, engine even additionally.

Additive need not be added in lube
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