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Jockey the Che Yuan that pays attention to much love car to get hurt to let you
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Car advocate people after buying a new car, metropolis care has add, arrived to jockey especially when, if can have a normal parking lot, parking space not bad, once do not have some words, begin to headache, the feeling stops to be afraid of a car here by cut, stop over to be afraid of again can be bumped into, indecisive, delay half day time.

So how to jockey does the Che Yuan that can you let you leave harm? We list a few common situations below, offer a car advocate people referenced.

If be in the berth car of roadside jockey, be about to jockey according to direct motion of car travel direction as far as possible, in case road is one-way cause car retrograde motion, cause traffic jam even.

Additional, the low fraise such as the fireplug on driveway edge because build is small, be in the blind area of the person that drive normally, because of this car advocate when driveway edge jockeys, need the low fraise of both sides of careful all the more path.

If be in narrow alley child in jockey, must take a space as far as possible, do not affect while other vehicle is current, also reduce him car to be blown to the greastest extent the odds of loiter.
Besides, notice to take the space of enough open door to the car on the side even, and the car after giving stays to sail quite the space that give, lest the accidentally injure when parking space of other vehicle pass in and out loves a car to yours.

When wall edge berth, must notice its are solid, avoid to produce “ danger wall to break the event of car ” .

Be in uptown when jockeying, not be car place as far as possible below the balcony, lest after waiting for article to drop, upstairs flowerpot is bungled to your car.

Love car “ to get hurt sometimes ” is in accidentally, car advocate must notice more, a heart takes more when using a car at ordinary times, the love car that allows oneself is far from harm.