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The frequency that wash a car, flow is the most important do not let washed a ca
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Present gens having a car is consideration to his it may be said love a car to the utmost, become beautiful to let love a car, keep outside and bright bright beautiful, want ” of bath of “ of the car that it is love everyday almost.

And it is good to wash a car often? The place with what wash a car to have again important needs a car advocate people add an attention more? After service manager Mr Xiong Gang that the reporter interviewed some steam to build service store recently.

He thinks to wash a car to have the place that a lot of need notice, wash the wagon flow Cheng, frequency that wash a car, environment and weather, a lot of is pay attention to. Additional, the technician of this inn reminds, the car had better be washed 3 days two.

The flow that wash a car is the most important

Bruin tells us, the flow that wash a car is a car advocate the place that needs an attention most, want to use clear water to erode automobile body first before wash, because a lot of sand may are stained with on automobile body, if undertake cleaning directly, sand may wear bad car paint, want to use clear water to erode sand clean as far as possible first so, just can go up next the fluid that wash a car undertakes cleaning.

On the choice of the fluid that wash a car, also should choose neuter to wash car fluid, because alkalescent strong scour can quicken lacquer face, balata and tire ageing. In the meantime, should use wash a car special towel swabs car, do not brush a car with common towel, because lacquer face exposes the car for a long time to be harmed in air, it is very flimsy actually, paint falls off very easily. And common towel is in unlike of the special towel that wash a car the surface leaves bodywork fine fleece wool, lesser also to the injury of lacquer face, clean finish when cleansing automobile body, also want to brush car towel with appropriative. And the towel that wash a car also wants an area to come apart with the towel that brush a car, cannot mix with, when rinsing automobile body, want to use soft and clean sponge to swab, because there is hard dirt sludge commonly on automobile body, if use high-pressured current to rinse directly, this as good as does ” of “ attrition motion in car lacquer surface at letting dirt grain. And when wiping glazing, need to use special vitreous cleaner to wipe, want to be wiped with clean towel at the same time, and cannot insolation. When encountering need to clean oily be soiled, applied sponge dips in kerosene or benzine are wiped gently; And wiping change direction dish, lamps and lanterns plastic with balata when, can clean with common suds only, cannot be like benzine with organic dissolvent, go be soiled agent and thinner.

Wash car frequency, 2 come 3 days

To washing car frequency, rebuke firm gentleman thinks, usually, a week is washed 2 come 3 times the car is best. Wash a car to had shoulded not be frequency, because wash a car often, can quicken lacquer face oxidation. But if encountered dirt, muddy, heavy rain,wait, car advocate should undertake cleaning to car as soon as possible.
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