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Conserve hides market of only standard of window of car of environmental protect
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Recently, lube of Chinese petrifaction Great Wall released conserve of new generation car formally to taste ——“ Great Wall to be fond of clean ” of world car window. This is a green product that has environmental protection concept, its bases is hurtless alcohol, emphasize paying attention to “ environmental protection and healthy ” in car conserve process, advocate people “ health to use car ” with car, environmental protection, reach person car harmony, unitary state thereby, make contemporary car life more good.

Of only product of window of new fund car roll out, also mean Chinese petrifaction to be in side of strategy of Great Wall brand act of a materiality.

Introduce according to car expert, the car window only product on market, great majority belongs to the product of blame environmental protection with low price. And not the reason of environmental protection depends on them be main recipe with “ methanol ” . Medicine considers to make clear, this kind of common calls the industrial chemicals of ” of “ industry alcohol, can damage to healthy generation. For example, methanol is entered can change into “ formaldehyde ” inside human body, this kind of chemical material is caused easily toxic, can cause the visual system disease such as blindness especially. Additional, formaldehyde also can produce serious pollution to surroundings. Accordingly, expert proposal, car user should avoid to use the car conserve that contains methyl alcohol as far as possible kind product. And the Great Wall rolls out window of environmental protection car right now clean, have contented market demand and “ to maintain the double sense of ” of environment of healthy, protection undoubtedly.

As we have learned, “ Great Wall is fond of clean ” of world car window to use environmental protection recipe, with “ alcohol ” , namely alcohol replaces methanol to be main raw material, the harm arises to health and surroundings in avoiding the process in conserve car so. And, this product still improved the clean efficiency of windshield, more be helpful for protecting windshield, avoid to corrode, electrostatic, cut, in order to make sure driver line of vision is clear, defend safety of drive a vehicle. In the meantime, this product still has winter, summer two series, have the prevent frostbite, characteristic that does not touch water respectively. The expert is commented on, of this product roll out, explained the close service drive of Great Wall lube not only, and the brand concept of environmental protection of consistent importunate “ , healthy ” , more the company core viewpoint of value that body reveals Chinese petrifaction “ to be this ” with the person.

Those who deserve attention is, companion is rolled out formally as what taste newly, the ” of “ new brand that brand of ” of “ Great Wall also will replace its “ to be fond of world ” to become conserve of Chinese petrifaction car to taste. The expert expresses, this action reflects a China undoubtedly resource of petrifaction desire conformity, send market of the service after force car. Undertake to having brand structure the strategy is adjusted, car conserve kind the product is overall lube of classify Great Wall is subordinate, lend abet city brand the strong position in lube domain and brand influence, establish Chinese petrifaction to savor the strong position on the market in car conserve. In the meantime, also indicating Great Wall brand lubricates to “ by ” of “ lubricant expert the transition of conserve expert ” enters key period, after center of conserve of afterwards open car tries industry of lunt car conserve, the move of a materiality that makes again.
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