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Car change garments according to the season maintains maintain for car of import
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Autumn is to take the optimal turn that fill, love what the car needs us as much to be caressed wholeheartedly. After passing a burning hot, rainy summer, to a person love a car, the change garments according to the season of car maintains particularly important. The what place of car needs to maintain, how to maintain again? To everybody introduction a few autumn maintain here the little common sense of the car, in order to have everybody consults.

1. accumulator is daily conserve

The electrode wiring of accumulator manages the place that is this seasonal and easy occurrence problem, want to notice to maintain so. When the examination, if see accumulator wiring place has green deposit, rush with boiled water rapidly, blow again dry, the repellent that is used at preventing oxidation layer on gush tries to protect. If these green oxide are not cleared, can cause inadequacy of dynamo electricenergy production, make storage battery is in short report state, serious when what can cause storage battery is inchoate discard as useless, perhaps hit do not wear car.

2. sound box is moistureproof maintain

At the beginning of Xia Moqiu, affecting the factor that car acoustics works normally basically is high temperature and moisture. If door window sealing strip is lax,should change, otherwise loudhailer is easy and rustily with attaint, cause short circuit even, burn down lead plane. If be to change one's costume or dress CD driver, to avoid moisture, do not want installation to be below motherboard and seat, had better install the altitude in automobile body, but place of the windshield after wanting installation to be in, temperature can make electronic component and laser head quicken ageing high too. In addition, CD opportunity is the most significant is laser head maintain, laser head also is fragile the costliest in the spare parts, although car acoustics had considered dustproof issue in designing a process, but as a result of domestic way besides mostly not quite good, dustproof problem appears especially important. It is when road condition environment is poorer, answer to close a window in time; Also should notice to maintain the cleanness inside the car at ordinary times.

Inside 3. car antiseptic cleanness

Dial of seat, carpet, appearance, foot steps inside of aperture of mat, seat, door, mothball box is the place that dirt, bacterium accumulates the most easily, the space of interior of together with car is limited, the airtight sex of railroad car is stronger, the air inside the car is not easy convection, harmful material is caused more easily among them. High temperature weather of the summer greatly catalysis the development of ” of these harmful “ force. Be in so autumn, had better do complete clean disinfection to the interior trim of car and component. Additional, still can open central heating, the mildew flavour inside adust car. Encounter fine day, can park the car below the sun to accept insolation, open car window, let convection of the air inside the car.
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