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Car of love of the little impact that accumulate carbon is used instruct you 5 c
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Because make stage engine,the job of each pistons is not synchronous, when extinguishing engine, the inlet valve of some cylinder cannot be shut completely, a few not flaming fuel evaporates ceaselessly oxidation, can be in air inlet duct especially solar term door is rear produce a few softer black to accumulate carbon.

On one hand these meetings that accumulate carbon make the tube wall of air inlet duct roughs, the meeting that take energy of life produces eddy in these coarse places, the influence takes gas effect and the quality of mixture gas. On the other hand, these accumulate carbon to return meeting block idle fast passageway makes idle fast control equipment blocks sluggish or exceed its adjusting range, can cause idle so fast low, idle fast quiver, of all sorts of auxiliary unit carry fast all be out of order, receive oil to destroy car, tail gas exceeds the phenomenon such as mark, excessive consumption of fuel and oil.

So, how can you just prevent the generation that accumulates carbon effectively? After generation accumulates carbon, how should keep clear of again? The maintenance master worker that we ask major refers answer.

The first, add the candle in pouring gasoline of high quality benzine and colloid waiting for impure content is to form the basis that accumulates carbon, so cleanness spends expensive gas to form the trend that accumulates carbon a few weaker. A few cars advocate spend to make sure petrolic is clean, can use the method that adds benzine cleaner in benzine. Prevent effectively to form layer of the knot that accumulate carbon in metallic surface, and can gradually the grain accumulating carbon with original activation slowly purify, protect engine to avoid thereby suffer harm. Do not cross benzine cleaner add must discreet, if was joined,false and inferior product can get contrary result.

The 2nd, not long idle fast time grows fast travel idle, engine achieves the time of normal temperature to also lengthen, benzine is enraged to the section by gush the rate that evaporates after the door is rear is slow, accumulate carbon also from this and unripe. At the same time often idle fast travel, the empty throughput that enters engine is small also, so right those who accumulate carbon erode action becomes very weak also, can promote the deposit that accumulates carbon. The 3rd, run more high speed, raise a hand to use the shift gears rotate speed that blocks a car as far as possible

Run more high-speed purpose should use air current namely to intake duct erode action will prevent generation to accumulate carbon. Additional, the rotate speed that increases shift gears also runs with how what high speed is having different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever, 2500rpm changeover became before in the shift gears when rotate speed 2000rpm, not only can prevent those who accumulate carbon effectively to generate, return the dynamical sex that can raise a car, also avoided shift gears rotate speed too low bring explode shake, protect engine.
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