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Winter car maintains secret Ji does complete cleanness to love car
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Whole winter, lock of car vehicle window, sunshine is insufficient, the air inside railroad car is muddy; Interior trim colour and lustre is gloomy, the bacterium is caused; The downy position such as cushion, carpet spreads all over mite bug. These mite bug breed in great quantities, can cause the disease such as allergic, rhinitis, asthma. New year's day will come, during celebrating a festival, you can use the go on a journey outside loving a car to holding family person certainly play, before the section, giving love car to undertake be cleaninged thoroughly is very necessary.

Clean hairdressing program is rigorous and complex inside professional car. Above all, want to inhale the surface and deep-seated dust with the vacuum of high-power, general family expenses or car use cleaner is cannot epispastic and deep-seated dust. Finish aspiration, clean appropriative nap again medical fluid sprays the flannelette position such as side of seat of steam roof sail, carpet, cloth with soft nap, door, brush complete scrub with wool and absorb smear with pure plumule towel. If be dermal seat, be about to nurse with leather model the agent undertakes cleanness is mixed nurse, ability is achieved already the effect that cleanness maintains coriaceous and soft again. Like appearance stage, steering wheel, block an area to wait plastic place also should undertake complete scrub, if heavy panel of dust of air channel mouth is torn open even next cleaning.

Clean inside the car, clean mothball box clean even. A lot of drivers regard mothball box as store content box, mothball box became whole vehicle the place with the dirtiest most bacterium. When cleaning, want all and sundry take out, the fluid that use drug is complete scrub is clean.

Complete Che Qing is washed after finishing, be about to have the 2nd situation: High temperature is antiseptic, namely the ” of “ car sauna that we often say. Because of a lot of bacteria for instance mite bug, the flesh does not arrive soon, also scrub is not dropped, steamer of only useful car adds antiseptic medicine juice lukewarm it is to 100 Celsius after pulverization medicine fluid close 10 minutes, medical fluid permeates bodywork entirely in, ability achieves the action with antiseptic disinfection to be able to leave light scent.

Antiseptic after finishing, be about to have next programs: Glazing nurses. Protective agent is played even after plastic component is being cleaned inside the car, add namely bright add colourful, prevent to act the role of at the same time fade, ageing. Mat of the original seating inside the car, foot if too dated, suggest you change along with all the others, make sure the airy inside the car is thoroughly pure and fresh. The mothball case that also should have deserved to shape in mothball box is filled up and store content box, prevent smeary or other dirty thing pollute again.