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The car maintains error: Car lacquer cannot second birth polish also destroys a
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“ my car 4 years, other illness is done not have, it is ‘ face ’ is shown old bit. Current, I did not plan to transfer, give it beautiful hairdressing first so. ” Mr Liu is being amounted to to his nimble do polishing, the plan restores to love the glorious of the car through face-lifting.

On automobile body grind arenaceous cream

The car is among travel, such and such problem always can appear on car lacquer, may appear the mark of thick bead, sand paper, flow mark, petty limitation that opposes the paint film surface such as skin of white, tangerine, to remedy these flaw, inn of hairdressing of a few cars can suggest the car lacquer that is you does polishing, in order to heighten the lens side effect of paint film, achieve shining, flowing, gorgeous requirement. Such car lacquer nurses call lens face to nurse, common calls polishing.

Car lacquer area is main now it is colored varnish, its craft is more exquisite, the program that nurse is the same as common lacquer very much the same: It is abrade above all, it is the blemish with purify car original lacquer, it basically is to use the car lacquer of the different level such as the purify oxidation, nick that send silk, small nick to injure. The property that injures circumstance and car lacquer according to what differ (colored varnish or common lacquer) the sort that will choose abrasive.

Main component is polishing agent agent of light color polish and brunet polish agent, just as its name implies namely brunet car uses brunet polish agent, light color car uses agent of light color polish. The another action of polishing agent, it is to serve as the puissant Qing Dynasty before waxing lotion or call “ eradicator ” . After “ of car giving love washs facial ” , be about to go up a reducer, also call “ sealant ” , its action is the appearance with reductive car original lacquer.

Polishing sees move

Above all, with the lacquer face with decontamination powerful force clear lotion is cleaned truckload, avoid grain dust ongoing new nick is caused in grinding; Next, have the drawback such as mark of thick bead, subtle sand paper, flow mark to besmear face, dip in to 1000# waterproof abrasive paper with 600# first before polishing water is wrapped at small balata inside line piece, light to its light burnish comes level off, the attention cannot wear the layer that wear paint; Use again machine add with muller thick abrade cream, undertake kibble to the trace of waterproof abrasive paper, add abrade cream undertake polishing fine abrade; Use mechanical polisher, add lens face inorganic agent to cast go thick abrade cream the mark that leave imprints, achieve the result of polish of face of paint film lens; After abrade polish ends, rub-up is abrade polishing creams, dip in with bombazine instantly glazing oily candle brushs polishing place entirely, reoccupy does the glazing candle with bombazine redundant rub-up, make lacquer face brightness is like gorgeous and lens, dazzing.
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