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Car giving love is changed " running shoes " car rim tire changes his costume or
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Mount changes in car, a lot of cars advocate take round of circle and tire seriously not quite change one's costume or dress, this is very wrong, the wheel is the foot of the car actually, each car has these 4 wheel and ground surface contact only, the total motive force of the car should rely on a wheel to deliver, the safety of car also hold together is on these 4 wheel.

Of rim and tire upgrade, it is one of fundamental projects that the car changes his costume or dress.

No matter be to like the friend that motivation upgrades to still like promotion to hold,accuse (blessing beauty comes, Hai Fuxing, sea horse 3) sexual friend, the tire that needs pair of car and rim undertake upgrading, because of tire and rim changing one's costume or dress is not only a kind the directest can reflect a car advocate the means of individual character, and the norms that promoted rim and tire only, just meet what increase tire effectively catch soil fertility, prevent tire to appear skid phenomenon of out of control (of course, like to play the friend that swings end, sideslip to should not talk) additionally.

Change rim —— is beautiful light quantify

Average car advocate change the purpose of rim, besides attaint, the mainest is change to go after the diversity of the exterior or to satisfy special functional sex demand. If be dinkum the change to seek the outward appearance, besides the rim that can choose former plant measure, most person can choose increase the rim of dimension, because big rim is more beautiful on the vision, at the same time can the tire that correspondence increases size, offer better drill to accuse stability, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said.

Still one kind changes means is pursuit rim is light quantify, in order to reduce the pensile weight of car itself, can promote car effectively to change direction so, the response rate of part of pensile, apply the brake, rise substantially hold charge a sex. But, as a result of light the material of quantified rim itself is chosen character strict, workmanship level demand is very high, cost will be so higher than general rim, the price (blessing beauty comes, Hai Fuxing, sea horse 3) also can compare expensive.

When choosing to want changing aluminium alloy rim, besides the model that should choose oneself to like, the modelling that notices aluminous circle even and medicinal powder the relation of hot efficiency. The modelling of rim decides brake system medicinal powder thermal efficiency, choosing reasonable formative rim so is very crucial.

A: What type of tradition much claw uses a convention is fine a 5 claw or 6 claw design, belong to be able to bear or endure classically treat type, this kind of design is fastened to apply the brake of all medicinal powder thermal efficiency is very helpful. As to a few 3 claw or the rim of 4 ungual style, although can be helped more,come loose hot, but because raise stay spoke too little, domestic road besides too poor, its fight twist, be able to bear or endure the ability that bump and intensity make a person can care.
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