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Contract of two handcart business shows model essay to be released originally
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[report from our correspondent] (Xie Dongbo of Wu Jun of reporter Xiao Jian's reporter's trainee) operator conceals car true condition, do sth without authorization alters data of car course of development, trade car procedure is not whole... as two handcart market hot with each passing day, two handcart trade the issue that appears in the process also adds increasingly. City industrial and commercial bureau makes " two handcart business contracts of Shenzhen city set an example text " , " two handcart business of Shenzhen town are between two parties service contract demonstrative text " release formally now carry out. Hopeful of this contract demonstrative text reduces two handcart of our city to trade from certain level the contradictory dispute that exists in the process, effective avoid trades each square risk.

In recent years, two handcart market development of domestic are rapid, trade active, trade the quantity is climbed continuously litre. Guangdong saved two handcart to trade 2006 the quantity jumps first place of house whole nation, shenzhen becomes Guangdong to save two handcart to trade the city with the largest amount. According to rough statistic, two handcart of our city traded 2007 amount to 120 thousand, rise compared to the same period 43 % . Clinch a deal on average everyday at present two handcart make an appointment with 700, already exceeded new car (about 500) clinch a deal quantity. Contract of city industrial and commercial bureau does concerned controller to express, two handcart trade unlike general goods, professional strong, often involve the concern of square tripartite of buyer, bargainor and intermediary, the information asymmetry between tripartite, a variety of dispute and contradiction appear in bringing about an autograph to make an appointment with a process. Even if signs a contract, often also decide an element because of certain inaccuracy in performing a procedure and continue to cause dispute.

The buyer that is in weak power position relatively is to often encounter more trade trap, have a bit inadvertent, can be decieved be duped. Come from the statistical data of city Consumer's Committee to show, up to now, this meeting receives what consumer concerns two handcart to complain in all seek advice from more than 40, the main problem that consumer reflects includes: Operator conceals car true condition, consumer has a bit can be deceived carelessly; Appearance is valued when consumer chooses a vehicle, the internal composition that ignores car more easily, function, duty expends the detail such as pay data; Operator of a few two handcart or primary vehicle vehicle advocate to sell a good price car, outside spray paint and face-lifting undertake to car before selling, make purchaser very difficult judge the real new old rate of car; A few operator even data of course of development of car of change of do sth without authorization, let purchaser cannot judge the true travel situation of car.

Similar these two handcart trade trap trades incidentally to comparative to pass contract form legalization partly in the process, once produce issue, the bargainor signed a contract easily with both sides for shirk responsibility, damaged the legitimate rights and interests of buyer badly.
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