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The focus after afterwards consumption tax - discharge duty to still have many a
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Consumption tax just was executed before long, "Discharge duty " one word is alluded once more, this stitch discharges what what do to collect fees to motor vehicle tail gas policy, all the time since get a car fully advocate, the attention of the person such as media, expert. About its solid bestow is denied, how to operate, collect an object to wait a moment a series of doubt emerges in endlessly, current eristic rate looks, after discharging duty to be able to make afterwards consumption tax probably another topic that causes each dispute.

After Beijing Olympic Games, 3 American athletes that are wearing guaze mask to enter capital airport at the outset undertook publicity an apology, because of the complete different that the air of Beijing and they imagine. BOCOG also can say to the world eventually " China came true ' green Olympic Games ' target " . It is this year, of an at ease, happiness that never has had midsummer, make all Beijing citizen glad unceasingly.

Not long ago, the message says, to prevent coast of quality of the air after the Olympic Games, beijing studies development to cost of motor vehicle blowdown imposes policy, enrage quality in order to ensure the capital is empty to try to improve in add of Olympic Games succeed. Use here " blowdown is expended " one word, can't help making the person remembers to come out when November 2007 by the country 3 ministries and commissions are considered to make expropriation pollution product duty and discharge duty. No matter be blowdown,discharge duty, it is the view differs somewhat only, but it is to be aimed at what the tail gas place that motor vehicle arranges does to collect fees essentially policy.

   "Energy-saving decrease a platoon " it is general orientation

In November 2007, yang Chaofei of director of department of code of policy of total bureau of national environmental protection is in " 2007 China the sources of energy can develop forum continuously " on divulge, tripartite of total bureau of tax of the Ministry of finance, state, environmental protection total bureau is considering to make collect contaminative product duty and the concerning that discharge duty policy, predict to applied 2010. This character, an in an uproar. Car advocate of the care is " should close, when to close, how much to receive " ; What relevant wealth tax expert cares is " whether be suspected of weighing duty of reestablish diplomatic relations, tax rate, impose object and derate principle " etc; What the expert inside automobile industry cares is " how is the standard decided, whether can produce an effect to having car product and industrial structure " wait for of all kinds problem.

Blowdown is expended and discharge duty place to be aimed at " discharge " , with the car advocate be closely bound up of the life that use a car. 2004 " 7 · one " and this year " 7 · one " apply respectively " Ii discharges the country standard " and " Iii discharges the country standard " the power that allows us to realize our country car to discharge code. From our country a such plans that push car tail gas to discharge a standard and strength look, national thrust " energy-saving decrease a platoon " determination is very determined. "Seventeen big " also point out in the report, hold to resource conservation and the basic national policy that protect an environment, of the personal interest that matters to people and the Chinese nation live with development. Accordingly, about discharging duty consider also belonging to reason in, such OK even thinking: "Discharge duty " leave us not far actually.
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