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Interest rate reduces advantageous consumption to borrow money the appeal that b
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On September 16 (last week 2) , people bank reduced the standard interest rate that the RMB borrows money 4 years first, among them 1 year period, 1 to 3 years period the annual interest rate of loan is reduced 0.27% , it is respectively 7.2% , 7.29% ; 3 to 5 years period the annual interest rate of loan is reduced 0.18% . After should hearing this news, the professional personage of a lot of Shaanxi automobile groups, bank group expresses, the fixed number of year that the car borrows money basically is centered in 2 ~ 4 years, although extent is not very big,lower interest this, but the possibility that continues to reduce as a result of existence, the instalment that developing flourishingly to home buys car business, having certain stimulative effect.

■ bank: Interest rate is reduced be helpful for consuming

Current, instalment buys the channel of the car to have 3 kinds commonly: One kind is to adopt bank loan; The 2nd kind is the loan of car banking firm that carries some brand; The 3rd kind is individual car business can offer instalment to buy car way. Last kinds of means is scarcer.

After becoming silent a few years, especially this year since second half of the year, the Bank of China, bank that enrol business and in the promotion that the commerciality bank such as letter bank strengthened a car to borrow money. Bank on one hand big thrust wide charge lower, procedure is simpler " straight customer form " the car is borrowed, with car manufacturer on the other hand collaboration is rolled out " 0 interest rate " business of car of instalment carry out, because this is new,the car of the bank is borrowed coruscate opportunity of survival.

Xi'an of Bank of China retail trade of credit of subbranch of a bank of star of 2 annulus century Director Wu Li Zhentao thinks, the proportion that this standard interest rate reduces the bank is not large, with 100 thousand yuan loan calculates 3 years, decrease every year only breath 270 yuan, negligible to 100 thousand yuan car loan principal. But oriented sex sense that lower interest is great, show the country has noticed about the branch current economy runs medium grim situation, combine what upsurge increasingly to raise the voice that the dot imposes since individual income tax to look at the same time, all sorts of steps come national hope have the aid of the limitation that the purchasing power in crowd of the good-paying in loosening gets, pull thereby move inside need. Borrow this to adjust will maintain national economy to develop more quickly smoothly continuously.

Director Li Zhentao says, before a few years, what basically begin is by motorcade, assure the company assures " customer form " the car is borrowed, client expenses tall, formalities is much. This year, the bank waits to basically offer a bank to the client all right in direct loan serves, avoided " customer form " the multinomial charge such as superintendency cost of cash pledge \ , insurance still can enjoy a discount. Accordingly, after loan interest rate is reduced, he to " straight customer form " the perspective that the car lends a service special value.
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